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Five kinds of natural whitening juice give you fair skin

by yuyuyu

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Most girls dream of the skin as white as Snow Princess’s. However, there is no changes though they have tried many whitening methods. It seems hard to find a healthy whitening way that works. Here are five fruit juices that can shape you into a pretty and fair girl!

1. Watermelon and pineapple juice.
How to: Peel and juice lemon, so do watermelon and pineapple. And then add a little squeezed lemon juice into the watermelon pineapple juice. It tastes better with ice.
Efficacy: Watermelon juice is very suitable for drinking in spring and summer. Watermelon contains lycopene that can play a whitening effect, but can also help improve immunity. It tastes good, therefore it is very suitable for the sedentary workers.

2. Mango and orange juice.
How to: Prepare two mango, half an orange, an apple, and a little honey. Firstly, wash and clean all fruits, then peel and cut them into the juicer; secondly, juice them with 250 ml of cold boiled water; finally, add right amount of honey to seasoning it.
Efficacy: Cellulose in the mango can be activate our intestine and facilitate the detoxification. It is best for you to drink a cup of mango and orange juice after dinner. The problems of skin will be relieved when the waste and toxin in our body is discharged.

3.Bitter melon juice.
How to: Prepare some cucumber, celery, bitter gourd, and honey. Rinse and cube celery, and then peel cucumber. Remove the seeds of bitter gourd, and then cut them into sections. Blanch bitter gourd with boiling water. Pour all ingredients into the juicer to juice, then you can serve it after adding less than two tablespoons of honey. It tastes better with ice.
Efficacy: Balsam pear has an excellent effect on purging endogenous fire. You can achieve the slimming goal while it can improve your skin health as well.

4. Strawberry, pomegranate, and avocado juice.
How to: Peel pomegranate, and then juice it with clean strawberry. Remove the residue in the juice with a filter net. Pour 100ml water, and then juice it with avocado again.
Efficacy: Pomegranate plays an effect on removing melanin and whitening skin. Avocado is rich in vitamin B, A, C and cellulose. Meanwhile, it is quite low in calories, without the fattening problem. This mixture of fruit juice is low in sugar, with a good whitening effect. It can keep you away sunburn and melanin if you can stick to drink a cup of it every day. Besides, you can slim down fast if you couple it.

5. Kiwi juice.
How to: You need a banana, half a kiwi, and half a bottle of low-fat plain yogurt. Peel banana and kiwi, and then juice them. You can enjoy it with adding a little yogurt.
Efficacy: Kiwi is rich in vitamin C, and you should adhere to drink this juice if you want to have fair and delicate skin.

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