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In depth information on In Mold labeling

by plasticmoldingline

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The soft drink or cola has been a popular drink since decades and the bottle is one of the most easily recognizable containers. But have you ever wondered how the label seems a part of it as if painted on it or else the company logo on the back of a laptop or the colors and designs on any plastic product? Though it may seem complex yet this simple process of attaching labels to either plastic or glass is called in mold labeling or the IML technology.  Mold labeling can also be found in PVC pipes.  The process is an offshoot of the huge plastic molding industry and it has been instrumental in designing the huge range of plastic products that we see today. The process of In-mold labeling is the final part and plastic label is attached during the manufacture of the plastic pieces through several different processes like injection molding or thermoforming. The process is quite a cost effective measure as it reduces the man power and time that is spent in sticking labels to the end products. Plus it also helps in retaining the label that sometimes in case of hand or machine stuck labels, get torn off during transit or use. The in mold labeling process is starts just after the injection molding process. In this the required colors are first added and then after the molds are formed, reels of labels are added which are then stuck either by heat or static electricity. The oldest procedure is by coating the label with heat seal and then applied on with a heat resistant ink and finally it is attached to the bottle. The two processes that are today most widely used are vacuum or compressed air and static electricity. Static electricity labeling is done by using charged electrodes and the process begins with charging the label first. Then it is taken to the bottle and the label then attaches itself thus completing the process. The labeling procedure and the required auxiliary equipments rarely come along with the injection molding machines and thus they have to be attached separately after installation. The PVC molding technology also depends on labeling to some extent and the pipes are labeled using some of the above mentioned processes as labeling these huge pipes separately are a wasteful venture.

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