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Choose Drupal to get a Competitive Edge

by anonymous

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Drupal is an open-source content management system that is equally popular among small, medium or large enterprises. Why this CMS is so much favored by start-ups as well as giant players? Well, the answer lies in the fact that Drupal is loaded with some astounding and amazing features enabling users to create highly customized websites, one main reason why it has become one of the most sought after CMS platform. Indeed, this CMS makes web development so convenient and charming, that even someone who is not a professional web designer can design a website on his own.

Designing simple websites is not all. Drupal also comes handy in building websites that deal with complex series of data such as personal blogs, social media sites, community sites or forum based websites. Businesses planning to switch over to Drupal are definitely taking the right decision because this platform is user-friendly, dynamic and robust, facilitating the creation of a website that drives quantity as well as quality traffic. Drupal provides a number of themes from which the designer can select any one. Availability of PSD to Drupal themes adds to the convenience. Needless to say, this also helps Drupal development companies to provide highly customized solutions to Drupal clients.

There are countless benefits that businesses can derive from switching over to Drupal. Here we bring to you some of the most crucial benefits:
  • Compatibility: As business owners select CMS platforms and themes for their sites, one of the most critical factors that they ought to consider is the compatibility of the platform. So far as the target audience is concerned, different kinds of browsers are being used by users, so the website needs to ensure compatibility with a number of browsers. In short, irrespective of whether users are using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any other browser, there should be no problem regarding accessibility of the website and its content. Drupal is a very compatible CMS and therefore it facilitates the flow of quality traffic to your website.

  • User-friendly: Drupal does not call for any vast mechanical agility for coding (such as HTML coding). If you are not well-versed with coding or programming, even then you can create a Drupal website in a hassle-free manner. Once you are given access to the admin panel, it will be possible for you to ensure any sort of transformation on your website simply through any web browser. It is also possible to copy and paste stuff from MS WORD documents or other text editors. When you get familiar with Drupal, it is very easy to manage all the modules and nodes as per the requirements.

  • Search Engine Friendly: In today’s market scenario, to obtain maximum visibility, your site needs to be search engine friendly. Every website is vying to get the topmost positions on the search engine result pages. Hence, the website needs to be structured accordingly, in order to obtain good ranking in search results. For good ranking, it is always advisable to shift from PSD to Drupal websites. Websites created on the Drupal platform are SEO friendly and when clubbed with unique content, lead to high ranking.

  • High Elasticity: Drupal modules like news aggregation, publishing workflow, meta-data functionality, user administration and so on are fully equipped to cater to essential future needs. Additional resources such as forums, blogs, calendars and ecommerce can no doubt be made live at any point in the future. Moreover, a plethora of third party modules can be chosen to expand Drupal.

  • Wonderful themes: Drupal based themes are currently at the helm of popularity. This CMS platform offers a number of website templates with default themes, absolutely at no cost. Moreover, an online search can give you many free and paid templates with Drupal theme.

  • Validation of W3C: Drupal websites strictly conform to W3C standards which ensure that the site will be active for a long period of time.
Shifting to the Drupal platform will certainly help businesses gain an edge over their competitors. The benefits of this CMS are immense and hence Drupal proves to be a boon for all types of businesses.

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