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Dr. Kevin Lam Reviews – Five Reasons to Choose a Podiatrist

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Heel pain is quite common among the adults. There are so many people who are likely to have heel pain developed at some point in their lives. The treatment of heel pain is very successful, as long as the right combination of medication as well as therapies are used. There are so many people who at first choose to visit the family doctor instead of going straight to the specialist podiatrist. However, there are various advantages of seeking the help of a podiatrist at the very first moment.

Dr. Kevin Lam, a Naples podiatrist, in his practicing years prides himself in dealing with complex cases of heel pain medication and surgery. Dr Kevin Lam Naples Florida podiatry clinic is dedicated to continue to be a center of excellence and to be at the forefront of foot / ankle surgery. He also stated that over the past few years he has used advanced treatments to heal the pain. He has even used a cutting edge technology known as Cryosurgery with a great success rate. You can read Dr. Kevin Lam reviews online to get customer feedbacks on his treatment.

Reasons why you should visit the foot specialist instead of visiting your family physician:
Heel pain is a condition which is always related to the injury to a ligament called the plantar fascia. This is actually a kind of rubber band of tissues that begins at the heel and runs to the ball of the foot within the arch. It is mainly separated into three bands. An injury to the fascia can be harmful for the patients. However the most common reason of the damage of this plantar fascia is abnormal foot structure. Only an expert podiatrist can treat this condition in a proper way.

Another reason to visit the podiatrist’s chamber is diabetic foot injuries. This is a serious condition that demands immediate attention. Diabetic foot injuries if left unattended can risk for an infection that in the long run may lead to serious problems. You must remember that diabetic foot wounds are not only a disease of the skin, but are also a disease caused by abnormal foot pressure. One needs to consult an expert podiatrist to take principal care as well as medication to contribute to the wound healing process. Generally the podiatrists are experts to cure a diabetic foot and in most cases they provide more comprehensive care than the normal physicians.

Bunions are another reason for what you need to consult the foot specialist. Podiatrists treat bunions, hammertoes and all other sources of toe and heel pain. However, many genetic conditions can also be a cause of these foot conditions. The treatment of bunions may involve therapies, medications, as well as cutting edge technology. The doctors mainly try to control the inflammation as well as reduce the irritation of the bone and the joints. Sometimes they suggest a surgery to get rid of this problem.

Sprains are considered a common foot injury that often occurs in people who lead a busy and hectic schedule. An urgent care or emergency treatment is needed to cure this problem. However, it can be seen many a times that a subtle damage can’t be cured and that leads to instability and pain in the long run. The treatment of sprains can be complex at times even when no fracture is detected.

You may find many podiatrists and foot specialist that offers special care for ingrown toenails. This is a condition that often can be cured with normal antibiotic as well as soaking instructions. Many times the removal of the ingrown nails can remove all the problems. However, one must need to consult the expert foot specialist in acute cases.

Dr. Kevin Lam at Family Foot and Leg Center (FFLC) offers cutting edge technology and surgical innovation in podiatry. He offers complete foot and lower leg solutions in the Naples area. All the FFLC doctors are chosen lecturers to other DPM's and MD's in the field of foot and ankle surgery. You can read Dr. Kevin Lam reviews online to get customer feedbacks in regards to his treatment.

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