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A glass of wine after dinner or at a party is a common trend in many parts of the world. Occasional drinking might not pose a problem - physically or mentally, but what about a regular drinking habit. The personal and professional life of an individual can get devastated because of such habit. Families live in depression and try to find a viable solution to end the misery.

 Overcoming an alcohol addiction can be a long, gradual process. At times, you might feel it is impossible to overcome the problem. However, many people have stopped drinking because of their own willingness to leave the habit plus the support of their family and friends to help recover from alcohol abuse. Sober recovery helps to improve the physical and mental condition of a person and in turn makes him more responsible towards his family and the society as a whole.


  • Get Rid of Temptations – Throw away all the wine bottles from your home. Start concentrating on other things instead of thinking about alcohol.


  • Announce Your Decision – Tell your friends and business colleagues that you have given up drinking. Request them not to force you to have some in a social event or business meeting.


  • Make Your Point Clear at Home – Strictly speak about your goal of not touching wine anymore. Tell your family members not to entertain guests with wine and not to open bottles of champagne during a birthday party or an anniversary.


  • Avoid Bad Influences – Try to maintain a distance from friends who are addicted to alcohol. Limit your visit to their house and avoid them in public events or when going out on the weekends.


  • Learn to Lead a Healthy Life – You must try to remember the bad effects of excessive drinking. It leads to all sorts of health problems including liver and heart diseases and mental disorder and depression that is sure to ruin your private and public life and image.

 For a speedy sober recovery, it is important to consult a doctor or psychologist and pay a visit to a reputed rehab center. A rehabilitation center provides advanced treatment and therapy to help a person overcome the habit of drinking. Experienced psychologists sit with the patient to know the causes of becoming an alcoholic. Based on the results of the discussion, the doctor recommends a therapy for the person. Recovery from drinking is a gradual process and might take some months' time before a patient gets fully fit.

 In today's busy life, an individual can hardly take out some time to visit a rehab center in-person. Keeping in mind the time factor, Amity Connect website has been launched. The online site gives updated information and news about drug abuse – how to help a person come out from heroin, cocaine, and marijuana addiction and so on.

 Amity Connect consists of sections where the members can participate in a discussion on a drug-related topic or join a forum to gain useful insights on drug addiction and how to get rid of the problem.

Authors bio:

Nicholas Grimaldi is a professional counselor who educates people regarding addiction recovery programs and drug rehab centers. He also helps by building Sober Recovery and communities such as Amity Connect that encourage learning and sharing problems as a method to fight addiction.

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