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Perform Abortion while It’s still Early

by allenjenny101

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There is never a better time to decide for an abortion than on the first two to three weeks of your pregnancy. When it comes to abortion, the earlier you do the deed the better. Many abortion clinics in Manassas and in other states as well do not perform abortion procedures when the woman's pregnancy is already on its twentieth, twenty-fifth week. That is of course in compliance to most states' strict abortion regulations. So when you find out that you are pregnant, it is better to decide as early as possible if you want to undergo an abortion operation or continue with your pregnancy.

Most of the time, women do not come up with the decision on their own. They usually consult their families and friends first before making up their minds. Of course, women have different reasons for making abortion an option. It can be because they are still teenagers and still can't take care of a baby all on their own. they are afraid to tell their parents, so they find abortion as the only practical thing to do. The reason can also be a desperate struggle for family planning. A woman can only bear so much. When she already has too much responsibility (i.e., children) than she can handle, that might just ruin her.

Women have a very complex, vulnerable emotional and mental state. The scenarios I have mentioned above are just two of the endless conflicts that plague women all over the world every day. Your reason might be more complicated. It can also be as simple as realizing that you are still not ready to have a kid. Whatever your reason may be, it is your statutory right as a woman to choose an abortion procedure operation. Just be sure to arrive to a decision before your belly starts blocking your television set.

"Nip it in the bud." That is how the character Juno described the action in the 2007 comedy-drama, coming-of-age movie Juno. She said it in a rather nonchalant manner. That is appropriate, if you ask me. Once you have decided to go with abortion, do it while the life inside you still looks like a baby sea-monkey. That will prevent any future complications. In the movie, one would think that Juno would really go through with the abortion. In the end, though, she chose to stay pregnant instead and gave up her kid for adoption.

That is how it is in the American society. Women have the power to exercise deciding choices on their own. That is your life. So whether you abort it or put it up for abortion, is entirely up to you. Opting for abortion is not something to be ashamed or afraid of. You know that thousands of women undergo abortion every year. I hope you find that as some kind of a consolation. It is okay if you feel guilty. Such situations always bring conflicting emotions to women that others can't possibly understand. So puff out your chest and go on with your decision. You will get over your conflicting emotions soon enough.

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