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Prevention and Customer Service Are the Cornerstones

by leessummitdentist

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Keeping your teeth clean is key to avoiding painful tooth problems. The office of your Lees Summit dentist should staff registered dental hygienists who have the experience to be able to keep your teeth in check.  Preventative Lees Summit dental care should be held to very high standards.

Preventative dental care starts with regular cleaning and checkups. Brushing your teeth is simply not enough. The hygienist’s job is to perform prophylaxis—scaling and polishing the teeth. Medical history is updated on the visit and pictures are taken of the teeth. An expert hygienist will even catch a potential problem and bring it to your dentist’s attention. In this way, a cavity, leaking fillings, gum problems, and more can be addressed in the same visit.

Hygienists may also add fluoride treatments to the cleaning regimen, particularly for kids under the age of 16. Adults may also opt to add fluoride care to their cleaning appointments if they suffer from sensitive teeth or their rate of dental caries is high. Fluoride is known to help prevent the formation of cavities.

Sealants can also be applied for the prevention of decay on the biting surfaces of your chewing teeth. This tooth-colored acrylic “coating” is painted on to the tooth surface, “sealing” out plaque and acids from the deep grooves of the teeth. It only takes a few minutes to apply, but sealants can result in protecting your teeth from food particles that brushing simply cannot reach.

This regular cleaning and check-up visit can be surprisingly comfortable. Choose to visit an office that sincerely cares about you and your dental health. Little things like flowers and refreshments in the reception area can make a big difference. Making music and movies available during your visit can also do much to make the visit more pleasant.

An office that values your concerns and wants to build your trust schedules extra time for personal conversations, allowing you plenty of time to ask questions about recommended procedures. Understanding any issues gives you freedom of choice about how best to proceed with treatment.

You’ll find this kind of well-rounded preventative and proactive care at the office of Dr. Sonal Bhoot, an experienced Lees Summit dentist. Her passion is dentistry, and she treats it as her vocation as well as her hobby. She routinely attends some 200 hours of continuing education, completed every two years. With this kind of enthusiasm, she stays updated and offers procedures using newest technologies. For the best in Lees Summit dental care, visit Dr. Bhoot online at Dental


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