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Trend in wearing a Postpartum girdle throughout Asia

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Wearing a girdle is more of a rage in all over the developed nations and USA in particular. Developing nations mostly in Asia are aspiring and inching towards lifestyle followed in America. There is a wide spread use of corsets and girdles in Unites States by women before and after pregnancy. This is indeed due to rise in attitude of women to stay healthy and stay fit. During first 4 months of pregnancy , women prefers to hide their baby bump by wearing pre pregnancy jeans. Similarly, women prefers wearing a postpartum girdle after successful child delivery inorder to get back to original shape. Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan are leading in innovating garments that work s more efficiently than girdles for women. These garments are designed like pyjamas to be wore underneath clothes. Pyjama support thighs, hips and stomach and helps to burn unnecessary fats .

These are also called as easy fats off Camisole which has health benefits of organic Germanium, negative ions and titanium and helps to burn fats of approximately 400 calories in 80 to 90 minutes. This is a wonder garment and been used by women in Japan and Taiwan for last 2 years. Germanium in camisole helps to boost oxygen supply in the body, improve the immune system and also provide protection from radiation. Whereas the Titanium helps to improve metabolism, helps to expel toxic wastes, and loose muscles. Easy fats off camisole has become a part of life for working women in Japan and Taiwan. Similarly, post pregnancy belly available all over the world is also playing the same role as the camisole. Countries like India and China are seeing a rise in trend for wearing those corsets during and post pregnancy. However, this rage is limited to urban and working class population. Working class female population in Asia are not much concerned about their health and figure and they are driven by many factors in the society like the dress code , in laws and the family associated.

A hell lot of self awareness and dedication is needed to take care of one’s own health. Women should be able to wear these corsets continuously and consistently for 8 hours a day and for minimum 8 to 10 weeks to see some results. Celebrities like Jessica Alba have revealed their secrets of maintaining such toned body even after giving birth to 3 childrens . She said that she was wearing corsets for 8 to 10 hours daily and that too consistently for 3 months to get back to her original shape. These corsets helps to shrink the belly, thigh, waist and hip and helps to bounce back to original shape without much exhaustion. Corsets like Bellefit use hypoallergenic fabric to prevent skin rashes .

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