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Aged Care Assessment by Kankinya

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Although each family have different situations which means that they may have different set of requirements, there are standard questions that clients commonly share. We give you in this post the most basic information regarding Elderly Care Assessment.

What is Aged Care Assessment?
Although referrals for Elderly Care Assessment can be done by anyone, this assessment is necessary before an elderly can be admitted in a government funded/subsidised aged care facility. The assessment will give the facility a basic idea about the person’s present care needs and how to address them.

Every year an assessment has to be done by an ACAT team to verify if the person’s needs has changed. By doing this, we can ensure that the services we provide is still appropriate for the person’s needs or if there is a need to increase the services, specific steps are done to address it.

What is an ACAT Team?
When an elderly can no longer manage at home without help, an ACAT team will work out with them and their carers what kind of care will best address their needs. The team will provide the most suitable care options including the referral to the best Elderly Care Facility that will suit the person well.

Here in Australia, the government funds Territory and State governments to run ACATs. The States and Territory governments in turn, funds the ACATs to make assessments and recommend older people to Australian Government funded/subsidised aged care facilities. The assessment result will be explained to you in the most understandable manner and you will be given a recommendation as to the best type of care that will meet you needs.

How to Choose Aged Care Facility?
From the aged care assessment performed by the ACATs, you will already have an idea as to how to choose an aged care facility. Still, deciding on which one can be a daunting task after all, this is your love one we are talking about here.

Here are some tips:

1. Check the location
This is the most important thing that you have to consider because there is nothing more important for an elderly than a visit from family members. On top of that, care is always better when there is a family member watching over it. Make sure that the facility you choose is accessible to you.

2. Get some references
Ask the facility if they can give you names of family members that you can ask regarding their services. Do visit these referrals and ask them about staff responsiveness when their elderly raised concerns. Ask them also if they would recommend the place.

3. Check their accreditation reports
To ensure that you are dealing with a legit facility, check their accreditation reports.

4. Chat with the administrator
After you have listed a few facilities that interest you based on the above criteria, take the time to talk to the people in charge of the facility. Make sure that you are convinced with their response and don’t just take the word of the one marketing the place.

5. Tour the facility
Don’t be impressed by the fancy lobby because this is just the icing of the cake. On the other hand, don’t immediately turn down a seemingly rundown facility. What you can do is to really tour the facility and see for yourself.

At Kankinya, we provide the best care that your elderly will ever need. That is the reason why in Australia, we are often recommended by the ACATs in their aged care assessment. Give us a call today or visit our facility and talk to our administrator.

Kankinya offers a safe and caring envionment, catering to the needs of wide range of elderly residents. Our fully qualified staff specializes in dementia care.

There are many forms of dementia, usually occurring in after the age of 65, but like many illnessess it can happen at any time. The progressive decline in a persons fuctioning can mean the individual may experience loss of memory, interllect, rationality, social skills and their emotional response may seem obscure.

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