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Dropping by a San Diego Auto Repair Center

by ritamccall

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There are many reasons why local and foreign tourists would drive all the way to the city of San Diego. Beach bums dying to flaunt their fit and fab bodies see the beaches in San Diego as the perfect place to bathe in the warmth of the sun or the coolness of the sparkling azure waters. Families who want to get close to wild animals while also staying close to the comforts of the city visit San Diego's zoos and safari parks.

Embarking on a much-anticipated trip to America's Finest City in an elegant car is a dream. However, a busted tire can turn your adventure into a nightmare. There are several things to look out for to avoid tire problems while on the road; ignoring each one can earn you a one-way ticket to a San Diego auto repair center.

Debris and Sharp Objects

When driving, make sure to avoid rough trails where stones, nails, and other sharp or jagged-edged objects abound. All these may puncture the wheels and cause severe tread damage, which will significantly affect the stability of the vehicle. A punctured or balding tire may no longer be able to provide a solid grip on roadways, which is essential for acceleration and braking.


Potholes formed due to fatigue of the road surface can cause a lot of stress for the unwary driver. The sidewalls of the tires of a speedy automobile that hits potholes may crack, leading to blowouts that can cause vehicular accidents and worse, loss of life. This is not something a mechanic in San Diego can fix, so it is important to always drive with caution.

Link Between Rim and Tire

The failure of the tire and the rim to link properly at the beading can be fatal if not tended to. The disconnect may incur damage preceding a rapid drop of the air pressure in the tires, which can result in violent explosions that can totally destroy your vehicle and be fatal for passengers and others near the area. Before heading out, drivers must ascertain that tires are properly aligned and the rim is outfitted with a tire of appropriate size.

Don't let damaged tires spoil your ride to the big city. Go to and learn how you can go the extra mile to maintain the condition of your car tires.


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