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Top 5 Benefits of Using DotNet for Web Developers

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If you want to work on web development projects with higher scaling potential, and wear multiple hats then work with .Net which solves real business problems.

.Net Framework designs business applications for specific business functions, effectively and efficiently to the growing online demands. .Net helps you build customized applications for various business sectors. It is responsible to build a variety of applications like customer relationship management apps, accounting apps, product/inventory apps, websites, value chain/supply management apps, integration with partners through the internet, XML web services etc.

Here are the Top 5 benefits which makes .Net popular among the web programmers from IT world.

1. Managed Code: In the .NET world, there is no delete keyword. Memory allocation and deallocation are done via the common language runtime (CLR). Garbage collection is handled by the “System.Garbage Collector”, which periodically runs the heap to clean up unwanted objects. It is a very good programming practice and delivers the added benefit as the Garbage Collector(GC) gives early notice that the object is not needed.

Security is integrated into .NET from the beginning. With .NET comes support for role-based security and code access security. In traditional role-based security, authentication (the verification of a person or process) and authorization (a means of determining that a person or process is permitted to perform a requested process) are carried out.

Currently, most application boundaries are normally confined to the process level. Any communication outside the process requires specialized handling such as a COM component. Application domains, a concept introduced in .NET, to permit multiple applications to run in a single process. Before managed code runs, it goes through a verification procedure to establish that it will not access memory or perform an action that would cause the process to crash.

2. Cross platform: .NET can run on any browser and across multiple platforms. The best thing about .NET is developers can re-use a lot of the same code for each of these different types of applications. They will also use the same development environment and the same process for development. All of these have helped developers being more productive in the new environments much quicker than if they were forced to use different tools for each environment.

3. Reliability: The .NET Framework has proven itself to be a very robust and reliable engine in production applications. It was first released in 2002 and has been used to develop thousands of applications, large and small. .NET has many built-in checks and balances that ensure the system stays up and running. It has built classic sites from e-commerce sites to any other line of business applications.

4. Security: Security was designed into the .NET structure from the very beginning. As such the security characteristics of .NET is top notch. Even just one security flaw in an application that a hacker can take advantage of can cost a business heavy price.

5. Scalability: .NET was designed with scalability in mind. Many companies start out small but can grow very quickly. When this happens it can often put a big strain on existing IT infrastructure and the applications that run on that infrastructure. Thus as a company grows, applications can scale and support the additional load. Thus .Net application development helps one build scalable websites in quick time.

All the above, benefits millions of .Net users all over the world. Users want their websites to be highly scalable, maintain best business standards, develop highly secure environment, most reliable, cross platform oriented and manage its code perfectly. All this is possible using this effect .Net technology giving trusted business solutions.

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