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Why do women have breast augmentation?

by gregore

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The predominant question on most women’s minds in Houston when considering cosmetic breast augmentation is “why?” That is a valid question. The answer is beautiful breasts are wonderful to possess. They make you look good and feel great. Numerous polls, studies and surveys essentially all point to the same thing. Breast enhancement promotes confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. If you have had small breasts all of your life and would like to enjoy a more proportional figure there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Everyone wants to feel good and look good in his or her clothes. It is a part of our culture to want to look our best.

After breast enhancement

Breast augmentation has been shown to offer striking life-affirming results. It frequently has a positive affect on sex drive. Couples report a renewed interest in sex after enhancement. It is advisable to talk to your surgeon about how soon you can engage in romantic activity after the surgery. You can wear clothes that look good on a proportional frame and lower cut blouses that show off a little cleavage. A shapely figure can do wonders for a woman’s outlook. Your new curves will give you conventional appeal and the concomitant good feeling of knowing you look sexy. Shopping for swim apparel will become a whole new adventure.

Your options

If you would like to explore breast augmentation in Houston there are board certified cosmetic surgeons who will be happy to go over your options with you. Most of them will have before and after pictures, which can be a valuable asset when deciding on a surgeon, as well as getting a clear picture of what you want your breasts to look like. A surgeon with valid credentials and experience will help you understand the procedure and set realistic goals and expectations.

What to expect during the surgery?

The procedure requires you to be under general anesthesia. Desired end results and breast configuration determine the placement and method of insertion of the implants. The type of implant involved dictates incision locale. A good surgeon will make every effort to ensure that the scar is as small as possible and easy to conceal. There will be some swelling and sensitivity after the operation. Discomfort can be managed with medication. The swelling generally diminishes within three to six weeks. You will be given a surgical bra and you need to check with you doctor before resuming strenuous activity.

Houston breast augmentation surgery can ultimately enhance much more than your breasts. When you are happy with your outward appearance you feel better about everything. Improved self-esteem will affect your relationships, both personal and working, in a favorable way. Increased confidence translates into a more enjoyable life and when you are happy, it is easier to make those around you happy. Augmentation surgery can make a tremendous difference, so why not?

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