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Commercial architecture does not mean boring buildings

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Commercial architecture does not mean boring buildings – today’s architects are using cutting edge design

For Cedar Rapids architects, form should follow function when designing any project. This is especially true for commercial projects. Today more than ever, the design and look of a building can be considered as important as the functionality. Whether an architect is designing for a new office complex, shopping center, retail store, restaurant or new buildings for long standing organizations, the need to incorporate beautiful design into the functionality of the building is vitally important.

Today companies want to stand out in the crowd. Clients are demanding much more from their architects than to simply come up with the right number of rooms within the right budget. In many cases, the surrounding environment has to be taken into consideration as well.

More and more clients are also demanding that their projects meet strict sustainable and environmentally friendly standards. Only the best architects are able to achieve all these things while still creatinga beautiful design.

When it comes to commercial design, architects must be mindful of the image the company wishes to portray. For example, a restaurant may want to project a comfortable country style or they may want a modern urban look depending on their location. Typically an architect will advise a client on the best options as to what will look good and what might look out of place.

In addition, the commercial architect must take into consideration all the client’s needs for the building. The traffic of people moving within it, the use of the building and the location all has a direct influence on the commercial design of a property. Companies want to make sure they project a professional image which is true to their brand, while also ensuring their staff and customers are comfortable and safe.

Energy saving is also an important consideration once the building is operational,in the early stages of design andduring the building process. The choice of materials an architect chooses to bring their design to life is extremely important in terms of functionality, durability, sustainability and beauty.

Windows where natural light can come in to light up an area are also vital. In the 60s and 70s, windows and fresh air were not always considered and many old offices rely heavily on artificial lighting during the day, with little or no ventilation. Today, expectations are for maximizing the use of natural light for as long in the day as possible. It saves on needless energy usage and makes a much healthier working environment.





Commercial architecture has changed dramatically because people’s opinions and needs have changed. Our lifestyles at work and at play have changed significantly and the design has had to adjust to suit the current needs.

We all want to be in spacious, airy and attractive surroundings. We now expect our shops, offices and commercial spaces to be just as inviting and functional as our homes. Cedar Rapids architecture is creating bigger commercial buildings, with the capacity to hold many people and perform many functions while still being beautifully designed.

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