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Your Home Away From Home: Corporate Housing in Philadelphia

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Corporate housing in Philadelphia should be the first on your list when you plan to visit the city for business, for pleasure, on a short assignment or for a permanent move. There are a variety of temporary accommodations available in the city such as hotels, houses available for occupancy when the legal owner is away on a trip or accommodation maintained by hotel chains. The quality of service and the experience of stay in such accommodations may not be entirely what you want. If it is a home-like atmosphere you need, pick corporate housing in Philadelphia, owned and managed by specialists focused on giving you that special guest treatment.

Corporate housing in Philadelphia becomes even more desirable if you are moving with your family. Your kids need space to play and study; you need your private space and you will need a kitchen to prepare healthy nutritious meals. All these facilities are available in fully furnished corporate housing.  You can rent for a minimum of one month and stay for as long as one year or even more. You will find fully furnished means just that: the corporate housing has everything you need by way of appliances, furniture and facilities such as TV and telephone. Compared to hotels, Philadelphia corporate housing provides a homely atmosphere free of stress. A hotel room may have an area of 200 square feet while a fully furnished apartment gets you a living room, at least one bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Add some personalized touches to each room and it feels like your home. For almost the same price you pay for a hotel room, you get three times that area, personalized services and the comforts of home.

When it comes to choices, corporate housing in Philadelphia offers you studio apartments, lofts, one, two, three bedroom apartments or an entire house in a quiet spot away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Of course, if you like, you can pick an apartment right in the city centre near Rittenhouse Square. In addition to your apartment being fully stocked, you can also enjoy luxuries like a gym, a swimming pool and the clubhouse. Living in a community, you get to make friends, familiarize yourself with the neighbourhood and grow roots. Stay at 222 Rittenhouse, a landmark location in the heart of Philadelphia or at 600 Lofts where you have hardwood floors, all conveniences such as a swimming pool, fitness center and a wonderful view from the top floor. If you are a working professional you may pick apartments located in Londonbury, close to corporate centres in Conshohocken. Corporate housing in Philadelphia located in this area is only 15 minutes from the city center and touches the main highways. It is also close to nature trails and provides a quiet, serene environment for a relaxing stay.

Whichever way you look at it, corporate housing in Philadelphia is the best choice to give you that home away from home experience.


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