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Looking for an Investment Property? People Like Seasoned Rea

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When it comes to real estate, most people concern themselves only with buying residential properties for their personal use. Real estate, however, is a much broader concept than that. These days, a lot of enterprising individuals have realized the profit potential of so-called real estate investments—properties that are let out to tenants and thereby serve as sources of passive income in the form of rent.


Trusted real estate entrepreneurs like investment property specialist Chad Deucher CEO of Marquis Properties, know that the best way to attract investors is to make sure that every piece of property is well-maintained. These firms take charge of property management in terms of rehabilitating and refurbishing each property before it is sold. Since the quality of property rehabilitation services directly affects the likelihood of attracting and retaining tenants, it is important to look for certain traits when choosing a real estate investment firm.


First, one must consider the investment property firm’s overall experience and track record. Experience pertains not only to the length of time the company has been in existence, but also the variety of developments it has previously handled. Commercial real estate is, after all, rather different from residential real estate, so a company with proven expertise in both areas should be a force to reckon with.


Another thing worth noting is the investment property firm’s reputation. This can easily be verified by looking up testimonials from previous clients, as well as reviews from leading business authorities such as the Better Business Bureau. The latter are particularly adept at identifying companies with dubious track records and/or a history of fraudulent investment practices.


Reliable information on paper or online is all well and good, yet nothing beats meeting with the real estate investment firm’s representatives. Face-to-face interaction should prove particularly useful when you have inquiries about contract terms and conditions and cannot find the answers on their website. Likewise, this allows you to gauge the company’s commitment to transparency.


Aside from financial know-how, investing in real estate requires knowing the right people. The likes of real estate investor Chad Deucher see to it that clients get the necessary guidance and support they need to ensure optimum profitability.

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