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The Unique Kundalini Yoga Teachings of Maya Fiennes

by gururattana

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 Maya Fiennes is a trained classical pianist who made a successful crossover to teaching Kundalini Yoga. Before learning Kundalini Yoga, she was an accomplished classical pianist who came to England in the ‘90s for the completion of her training. She performed in front of different audiences such as the United Nations Assembly and even members of the British Royal Family. Later, Maya released her own album entitled, “Cross of Silence,” in 1995. The album was widely acclaimed, with Q-Magazine citing it as a noteworthy work for combining dance, ambient, world, and classical music.

Even as a classical pianist, Maya Fiennes practiced different yoga varieties for years. In 2003, she started training as a Kundalini teacher under Shiv Charan Singh at the KaramKriya School in London. She was then given the name HarBhajan, or, “Praise the name of God, Divinity & Infinity through Sound and Mantra.” Her training in Kundalini Yoga enabled her to blend her love for music with yoga. She is well known for teaching Kundalini Yoga with her own original music. This makes her yoga classes a standout and a compelling reason why many yoga enthusiasts are interested in signing up for her classes.

However, not everyone can participate in her yoga classes, especially those who are far from the Los Angeles area where she is based. Even so, anyone can still experience being in a Maya Fiennes yoga class by watching a Kundalini Yoga DVD by this respected teacher.

Though she continues to release music CDs like, “Mayaspace,” which fuses classical music with yoga mantras, her DVD catalogue is now more prominent. She has an extensive KundaliniYoga DVD collection that beginner and advanced yoga practitioners will enjoy. 

Yoga Technology ( is a great online resource for yoga practitioners who want to experience yoga as instructed by Maya Fiennes. This site offers her current DVD collection featuring six DVDs that include more than six hours of Kundalini Yoga instruction plus three hours of mantra music that will suit every mood of its listeners. This DVD collection is an ideal gift for any individual who already enjoys yoga or one that is only just beginning. Yoga Technology also offers other exciting promos like a free Maya Fiennes “Detox and Destress” DVD for those who purchase her DVD collection. There’s no denying that Yoga Technology is one of the best websites for anyone interested in learning Kundalini Yoga through the teachings of this unique and talented teacher.

Zooey Steele lives in Sedona, Arizona with her boyfriend and two cats. She is a practicing Buddhist with unwavering beliefs. She enjoys hiking and playing with her cats, but her favorite activity is yoga. She often writes about Yoga Technology (, a leading resource for yoga enthusiasts, and encourages all to begin the journey to enlightenment with their help.

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