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In drivers Ed classes San Francisco government emphasize

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For drivers Ed classes San Francisco considers parents as an important resource for teen drivers’ training to prevent distracted and incorrect driving methods that cause accidents.

Learning to drive is a very exciting time for students. It is something they look forward to right from their teens. Getting the driver’s license provides a new definition of freedom for the young teens. This is the key to let them drive alone without adult supervision and visit places they want to. Drivers Ed classes have disappeared from high schools a generation ago. But recent times have seen an intention to introduce the class in schools once again. Today most states need require 16 year olds to take these classes in school before they get their official license. San Francisco is no exception to this rule.

The need for re-implementing drivers Ed classes in schools has become popular in recent times. Research from Center for Study of Young Drivers at University of California has shown that about 3000 deaths can be reduced per year with enforcement of proper driving classes in high schools. The new curriculum of state approved drivers Ed classes is supported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It is also propagated by parents in different states who lost teen drivers in car crashes. In many states every police investigation of teen car accidents ascertain whether the new driver took drivers Ed classes from commercial driving school or in his public school or from parents.

Teen drivers have high rate of car crashes and accidents compared to adults. Hence it has become explicit that more up to date classroom or online courses have to be offered along with compulsory hours of supervised driving experience to make an individual expert driver. To be eligible for class C driver’s license teens have to go through the rigorous hours of driving practice on the road and certain minimum hours of driving at night time. Drivers Ed Classes San Francisco have been incorporated at public schools for their learning benefit.

The state has identified the parents as the most important resource for teens’ drivers Ed classes. Moreover they also ensure that their child gets the mandatory hours of supervised driving practice before being getting a driver’s license. They give the right instructions and also do not flout driving rules while showing their child how to drive on the road. A survey showed about 2,144 teen drivers in San Francisco caught in accident did not have enough driving experience. Teens who are co passengers of a teen driver describe the driver as distracted while driving. Hence parents want to ensure their child has the right training and executes their knowledge in practice too.

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