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Usability: How to Implement It on Your eCommerce Website

by ghimes

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Usability is the technique of developing a website that is easy for visitors to use and to determine what they need. The visible design of the site captures primary interest of the guests to stay but usability makes them decide whether or not they will really continue browsing or leave immediately. Yes, it determines if your web design is a success or failure. It is because of this eCommerce web design companies spend so much time in making sure that this specific element is achieved.

Make your site “self-explanatory”.

It is not necessary that you teach people how to get around your site; what is essential is to make everything understandable. Tend not to make searchers think; let them achieve their objectives when they decide to go to your website: find facts and possibly, make a purchase. If the framework of the site keeps this and worse, put them in the position where they will ask themselves “How does this system work?” you can bet they will leave your site instantly. They will think that they are only misusing their time.

Integrate site search.

Site search is the fastest way for users to locate what they are searching for. This feature works especially for people who are too busy to navigate your entire site or who are in a hurry because they still have to do some important things. Position the search text field right on top of each web page - not only for home page - so they can conduct search without needing to leave the current page. Make sure to use the word “search” not “submit”.

Build scannable web pages.

This has been told most of the time by eCommerce web design companies: most of site guests do not read - they just scan your posts, searching for specific words or information and when they obtain them, it is only then that they decide if they should start reading the article completely or again - leave. Hence, it is vital that you highlight text and crucial paragraphs. Likewise, make it a point that the first two paragraphs have the most critical details in your content. Use sub-headings to break up text and to enable people to easily notice what’s inside the next paragraphs.

Do not pressure these potential customers to give numerous personal details as well as to fill out long web forms.

Never test out users’ patience by forcing them to fill out long web forms and never try to gain their trust easily by pressuring them to give you private data before they get what they need. Instead, make them comfortable by only asking for email address and password to sign up. However, it is still better not to require subscription or registration.

Usability makes or breaks your website. They help you interact with your prospect clients because the moment they stay in your site, this means that they find what they really need. And if your site sells products or services, you know that purchase is likely to happen next. This is a simple but powerful concept being followed by eCommerce web design companies.


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