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How To Improve Sperm Motility To Increase The Chances Of Con

by nixpolking

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Sperm motility is basically the ability of man's sperm to move towards the egg of the female partner so that it can be fertilized. Getting your semen analysed will easily confirm whether or not your sperm are healthy. The main indicator in this test is the movement of the semen. There are three options, either they move in a straight line or they move in a curved line or they do not move at all. There is no difficulty guessing which the best result is and which the worst here is. Motility levels need to be very high for the fertilization process to take place. If they remain in the same place and don't move it will be very difficult for sexual partners to conceive.

Given below are some of the most common causes of low motility in men:-

1.Cigarette smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol.

2.Contraction of sexually transmitted diseases.

3.Over exercising or performing certain exercises too many times or too vigorously.

4.Having a poor diet or unbalanced diet.

5.Certain genetic disorders.

6.Harmful side effects from certain form of artificial supplements or steroids.

7.Overheating of testicles which can greatly diminish the production of semen.

8.Over exposure to some harmful pollutants and chemicals.

Low sperm motility is a major cause of infertility in men and in the long run, it can even severely damage their overall health. Low motility is another indicator that men’s semen isn’t strong enough or healthy enough to fertilize the eggs in the female. Since this is the most important part when conceiving a child, below are some natural solutions which you could consider for increasing motility:-

Zinc is quite efficient in treating low motility rates in men. Having a diet which contains a lot of zinc is a great way to increase motility. Some foods that contain large amounts of zinc include red meat, oysters, nuts, liver and seafood.

Vitamin E is one of the best vitamins to help boost sperm count. It is a great defence for the body against any harmful substances which damage sperm producing cells or inhibit their movement. Vitamin E can most often be found in supplements. Other than Vitamin E, vitamin c and vitamin b12 are also good for increasing motility.

Apart from the above mentioned solutions there are also many natural herbal supplements like Spermac capsules and musli kaunch capsules which can help increase motility in men. There are many herbs such as Vanya Kahu, Salabmisri, Mava, fish oil, Kapikachchu, Suvarnavang, etc. which are effective treatments for low semen count. Raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds are also considered as excellent solutions to this problem. There are some cases when low motility could be caused by hormonal changes or imbalances. Even in these cases, herbal supplements are a recommended solution. Apart from curing low motility, herbal remedies can also help men fight premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low stamina and impotence. They are the perfect supplement for men facing any sexual problems.

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