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A Patio Cover in Sacramento Has to Adhere to IRC Standards

by ryannhoyer

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A covered patio is a welcome addition for folks that wish to socialize with guests outdoors or take pleasure in outdoor activities. Nonetheless, when taking into consideration the measurements of your patio cover in Sacramento, ensure that the resulting layout fits the guidelines as defined by the IRC (International Residential Code). In Sacramento, building a patio area cover attached to your home and over 120 square feet will require a license.

To understand what qualifies as a patio area cover, Appendix H of the IRC describes it clearly. A patio cover is characterized by the following criteria: not going beyond 12 feet in height; only to be used for leisure and outdoor activities; and must sustain vertical live weights of 10 pounds per square foot. These include patio areas removed from the house or affixed to it.

Normally, patio areas are open, but the IRC allows specific enclosures, such as plastic covers and insect screens, as long as they're not thicker than 0.125 inches. This exemption was made for patios found in hurricane-prone locations, specifically the Eastern Coast. To qualify as a patio area cover, the screen enclosures should be no higher than seven feet.

Patio area covers can be supported by footings as long as the groundwater doesn't freeze during the winter season. This is because the cold winter and frozen groundwater can trigger the footings to split. In addition, the footing slabs must be up to 3.5 inches thick and the pillars should not take more than 750 lbs of upright weight per pillar. To solve the pillar problem, you could include even more columns to the design.

Exactly how you'll use the outdoor patio cover matters, as they could only be utilized for outdoor and recreational activities, as mentioned in Appendix H. They should not be utilized as habitable areas, such as exterior bedrooms, garages, or storerooms. Patios, in general, are not made to house vehicles or properties as their open style makes them unsuitable for such tasks.

The patio area cover has to be sturdy enough to house friends and family who are having a good time. You can go to to view the 2010 California Residential Code, which is based greatly on the 2009 IRC. If you do not like getting involved in technicalities, allow siding contractor in Sacramento handle your outdoor patio cover requirements, and various other issues such as window repair work and exterior siding installation.

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