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Interesting facts about mini camera technology

by spygadgetonline

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You are being filmed dude

Spy gadget equipments secretly record events happening around them. However in such an instance, people can never figure, that they are being filmed. Most of the malicious activities are carried out in the dark. Therefore, a spy camera has always been a handy tool at night.

Oops! It's too dark. But hey, I can see you

Most spy gadgets favor their use in light. Therefore, they record clear images only during day time. However, manufacturers of spy tools, are making endeavors to come up with new improvisations in their offerings. A new offering made by them is a mini camera, that records crystal clear images during night. Such a camera serves as a good surveillance device at night. Usually dim lights do not support the clear imaging feature of cameras. However, a specially designed mini camera has a flash light, that is enough for capturing crystal clear images.

A little science will not harm I guess

Lets dive into the scientific aspects of spy tools. Spy gadgets work on electromagnetic radiation technology. There are two types of spy camera technology.

One is the photo diode system. Electromagnetic radiations have a magnetic field of their own. Coupled with an electric field, this magnetic field acts as detecting agent. The camera diode traces anything, that comes within this field. Hence the system is able to capture the image of the object detected by it (See, science is pretty simple).

The other technology is based on the principle of heat detection. Every object (be it living or non-living) emits a certain degree of heat. A Pen camera detects the heat coming from the object and identifies its position easily. Therefore, it becomes easy for the camera to click a photo of the object. Such cameras function well, even in utter darkness. Therefore, the cameras built on this technology are highly popular among cops (Its merry times now for students, as the science period is over).

“Pen camera is my best pal”, says a cop

At times, a spy camera serves as a potential source of evidence during court proceedings related to a criminal case. A recent survey conducted on a focus group containing investigation officers has revealed, that maximum criminal cases that have been resolved involve the use of a hidden camera (Beware thugs. Think twice before committing any malice).

I feel secured now

Yes, that is what one says when he is equipped with a spy equipment. The equipment forms a part of one's outfit. A spy tool can be fitted in a tie or shirt's sleeve. That's it. Now there is no question of suspicion any more. This is because, no one can notice it. All credit goes to the revolutionary spy tool manufacturers, who have introduced a path breaking camera technology in the consumer market.

Owing to these innumerable benefits, spy gadgets are gaining huge scale acceptance among customers all over the world. Anyone willing to buy such a gadget, can log on to the web and get in touch with a reliable seller of spy gadgets.For more information please visit on

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