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What Factors Contribute To Determining Stamp Valuation?

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If you are interested in selling your stamp collection to make a profit, you may be interested in knowing what factors contribute to determining the final total of your collection. Interestingly, the value of postage may fluctuate over time so it may be nearly impossible to pinpoint a comprehensive total without the help of a professional appraiser. As you prepare to sell your collection, you may wish to familiarize yourself with the elements that contribute to the overall stamp valuation of your entire collection.


A major determining factor in the price tag of stamps is whether or not they are mint. Mint stamps are those which have not been marred by some kind of postmarking. While used stamps may still have quite a bit of value, they will never be worth as much as a stamp in mint condition. Some people think they cannot sell postage when it is still attached to an envelope. Fortunately, this myth is not true. Some postage collectors look for these kinds of rarities because the envelope is just as much of a historical phenomenon as the stamp itself. If you have certain stamps that are still attached to a mailing cover, don’t immediately disregard the thought of selling them. You may still be able to make a pretty penny off of the historical significance of the envelope depending on the situation surrounding the postage stamp.


Two closely correlated factors that contribute to stamp valuation are the quality of your postage. If you have gone to great lengths to preserve the quality of the postage you are collecting, you may have a better chance of getting more money when you sell them. Stamps that are in good condition are easily worth more than postage that hasn’t been well taken care of.


Another large determining factor is how you have stored your collection. Some people leisurely collect postage and may throw unique stamps into an old shoebox. Others may take the time to separate them into various envelopes according to color, size, or price. Then, there are the people who are serious stamp collectors. These people will often go to great lengths to mount their collection on sturdy album sheets or place them neatly in a protected book. The more care you have taken to store your collection, the more money you may receive.


As you are preparing your collection to sell it, remember which factors contribute to overall stamp valuation: whether or not they are mint, the quality and size of the postage, and the care with which you have stored your collection.


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