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Abdominal Etching - Achieving That Desired Look Is Easy

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With liposuction, unwanted fat pockets can be removed to provide the body a more contoured and natural look. Abdominal etching is an advanced liposuction procedure in which additional fat layers are removed by doctors for revealing the sculpted six-pack that is the dream of many men these days. Women who desire a sexy indentation in the upper abdominal region can also benefit from this procedure. Abdominal laser etching using highly advanced laser body sculpting workstations such as Smartlipo Triplex is now provided at leading plastic surgery practices in NYC.

The Right Candidate for Abdominal Etching

Abdominal etching is much more intricate than the usual fat removal techniques. The procedure accentuates the existing muscles through selective removal of excess fat and skin, contributing to an athletic looking six pack contour. You are a candidate for the procedure if you have localized fat pockets in the abdominal area that dont respond well to exercise and diet.

A good candidate for this procedure would have strong, well-developed abdominal muscles under the fat layer. The procedure can effectively accentuate these muscles. The results of this procedure would be seen for a long term in patients who follow a healthy exercise and a diet program.

The procedure of abdominal etching is also referred to as abs etching and it is specially designed for giving an improved waist and abdomen contour.  There are reputable plastic surgeons in NYC who offer this procedure to patients who want to achieve a more defined mid section. The advanced body contouring device Smartlipo Triplex is used by surgeons for performing this laser liposuction. This is the latest high definition laser lipolysis workstation that Cynosure has introduced.

What Is Involved in the Procedure?

The plastic surgeon would mark the natural lines of the upper abdomen in the center and horizontal depressions. The patient is administered local anesthesia, under which Smartlipo Triplex is used to sculpt the six pack. The procedure involves the removal of excess fat that hides the abdominal muscles. You may be asked to wear a special garment to ensure comfort and further shaping. The scars are less visible because the incisions are hidden in the natural body creases.

Patients who have loose abdominal skin will definitely benefit from this procedure. The procedure utilizes laser energy of 3 separate wavelengths i.e. 1440, 1064 and 1320nm. Not only is fat liquefied, but the skin is also tightened optimally. One should make sure that the procedure is performed at a center that is AAAASF accredited. Given below are the benefits of the procedure:

>> Ensures a tight and flat abdomen
>> Treatment is minimally invasive
>> Minimum downtime and quick procedure
>> Risk-free and safe
>> Less scarring

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