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Should You Wash Your Men’s Kilt?

by rdevance

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Let’s admit it: kilts are not cost-efficient (but they are of premium quality). More essential, not every individual is given the privilege to own even one. It only is sensible that you have to be cautious on how to maintain it properly after use in order to make it last so your son and even future grandson can use it. Now, that’s making the most out of your investment. But should you wash your men’s kilt or get a dry cleaner to do it for you? Here are a few ideas to ponder.

You should not wash your kilt making use of your washer at home. It will definitely ruin the wool and even the pleats. Imagine how some individuals invest a lot of time only to weave the tartan pattern by hand. Additionally, look at the length of time they devote creating the perfect pattern for wearers. Tossing it into the washing machine is almost the same as throwing away all their perseverance. You have to exert an effort to take good care of it.

First and foremost, search for dry cleaning companies in your town. You may ask other people, friends and co-workers if they can endorse legitimate shops; write their contact numbers. You may also look at the local business directories online. To be sure, you may also look up client reviews about them. If you found undesirable feedbacks from past customers in the review sites, wipe off their names on your list.

As you make a short inquiry, be sure you ask if they have earlier experience in washing kilts. This will at least give you an idea if they do know how to maintain men’s kilts. If they are all honest to say that they have none, you may at least trust your instinct by the way they speak. You may also go to the laundry and dry cleaning shops personally so you can look at their equipment and see if they have washer designed specifically for sensitive clothing like the one you have.

You may inquire about the cleaning solutions they use. Are they environment-friendly or do they consist of harsh chemicals? You may also want to find out if the dry cleaners are qualified and if the firm is authorized legally to operate as well. Lastly, you must learn if they will pay for the damage in case something happens to your valuable clothing.

With this situation, you may ask yourself: “Am I being too much?” Definitely not! You paid big amount for your kilt. It is but natural for you to be this picky. In case you do not want to go through this process anymore and instead try it for yourself to ensure the safety of your kilt, wash it manually.

Place your kilt on a wash basin filled up with cold water. Put in a little bit of mild cleaning agent. Allow it to soak for only a few minutes then rinse it. Air-dry your men’s kilt and then hang it. Yes, it is this simple only if you religiously follow the instructions above.


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