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Thermal Label Printer Is Best for Label Printing and Great I

by swiftclik

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We can print labels only with the help of a specifically made thermal label printer. Here, specially formulated and prepared heat sensitive papers are used by the label printers to print not like the ordinary paper based printers. Printer’s thermal head will help in the printing process when the paper passes over it. These do not require any additional computer to give them commands or instructions it has its own keyboard and monitors as input and output devices.

There are basically two types of thermal label printer availablein the market and they are:

  1. Direct thermal printer
  2. Thermal transfer printer

There is also another popular model in town making a number of people happy and it is aCitizen label printer. It has numerous features. These features include a list of many cool things.

  • The Citizen thermal label printer can be easily the direct replacement for the dpi label printer.
  • It is backwards compatible to the model CLP621 and it's a plug in replacement.
  • It can perform label printing in both direct thermal and thermal transfer modes.
  • It is one of the robust industrial desktop label printers and you can easily print labels up to 104mm in width.
  • This machine will print at a speed of 100mm per seconds with a roll size of 5inch.
  • It consists of an external roll holder; it can take rolls up to 8 inches outside the diameter.

The Citizen label printer can really provide you with great images and printed labels. It is very easy for you to operate and install.  It normally comes with a manual, software, white plain paper, phone cord, and support.

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