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How to Deal with Water Damage San Francisco

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San Francisco is nice city to be in. It is modern and big that its residents get to enjoy luxurious amenities aside from beautiful surroundings, vibrant culture and friendly people. No wonder, this destination is one of the top tourists’ favorites.

Because of its mild winters, it attracts different types of residents from all age brackets. So whether you are single, just starting a family, looking for new career opportunities or considering a retirement place, San Francisco is a charming location.

Living here though has its challenges too. Despite the mild temperatures, you cannot take for granted seasonal home maintenance to keep your home safe, secure and comfortable. It does not take much for any resident to have a good life in this city. Just combine preventive measures and presence of mind.

Although you have your house checked regularly, there are instances when water damage in San Francisco can still happen. If you know what to do, then the stress and damage will be surely minimized. As soon as you noticed water problems, whether it is a simple leak or burst pipe, turn off water supply first to stop water intrusion, though temporarily.

Report the problem to your insurance provider to get instructions and to know if your current situation has coverage. Wait for professionals to arrive. Don’t try to remove standing water for heavily flooded areas. Instead, evacuate occupants of the house if it is already safe to do so.

If you suspect sewage spill as well, stay away from the flooded area and wear protective gear while rummaging affected items. Be careful in handling wet items especially when they’re made of porous materials. Some absorb dangerous organic matters. Make sure you are wearing rubber gloves and mask as well.

Find a place that is clean, dry and away from flooded area especially when the weather is still bad and you still don’t know when it will subside. Flooded basement need not be emptied in one session. Let the professional crew assess the situation to know the extent of a water damage in San Francisco.

Although it is understandable that you want to clean up the house and get back to your normal routine, don’t make hasty steps to avoid worsening the current situation. Professional service providers have sophisticated equipment and training to deal with the problem promptly but cautiously.

Affected items will be assessed according to porosity. The more porous the item, the lesser the probability of restoration so be realistic. Most carpets absorb organic matters and it will be hard to remove them completely so evaluate if yours are worth restoring.

Trashing wet items must also follow procedures. Some items become toxic when soaked in floodwater so proper wrapping, segregation and disposal must be done by professionals. 

Restoration of damaged items might take a few days to finish. In the meantime, have your home inspected thoroughly, including checking the insulation, waterways, crawl spaces and structural integrity. Make sure that the house is safe before the occupants come back to assume their normal routine.

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