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Two Factors That Decide Hair Transplant Bill

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You may have noticed that most hair transplant surgery centres cannot really tell you the final cost of the procedure right away. They always insist on you showing up for a preliminary discussion. There reason for doing this is twofold.

The engaging reason for the discussion is to attest if it is possible to perform the transplant procedure on your scalp. There are many scenarios where even the latest available gadgets and the most skilled surgeon cannot help you in getting a fuller appearance. Another reason why they want to have a discussion is to find out how easy or difficult will it be to perform the surgery on you. As it happens with any other real life situation, the more difficult is the procedure, the higher will be the final tally.

Hair Quality

Hair transplant does not ‘grow’ the hair. Rather, it simply relocates hair from one part of your head to another part of the head. That is the primary logic of this procedure. This means, much depends on the ease with which the surgeons can locate the healthy hair and access it. So, if you have healthy hair only near the neck part of your head that makes it difficult for the surgeons to access it. Further, if the hair is not in the best of health, then the surgery would have to be done at a more leisure pace.

If enough quality hair is not present in a single location, then the surgeons would have to locate multiple sites and perform multiple transplants. Each and every activity will contribute to the overall complexity of the procedure, driving up the final bill.

Donor and Destination Area

Removing the hair from one part of the head can get tricky. However, the target areas or the bald regions of your head and their location can make the whole process significantly challenging. Take for instance, the bald spot is just above the forehead and the donor area is on the sides. This would be a cake walk for the surgeons because the donor area and the destination place are right next to each other and at convenient locations.

Imagine if your baldness is near the neck region, where the head curves. This would be a much difficult position to reach and the time for surgery will extend, driving up the total bill. Along with these difficulties, the more challenging is the surgery, the longer will you have to stay at the clinic to recover from the surgery. All of these go into deciding the final bill.

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