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What Roles Do Men Play In Abortion

by jonesmichelle08

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Parenthood is not solely a woman’s predicament, and so is abortion. You might say, “Well that escalated quickly!” Okay, here’s the thing. Primarily, conception is a product of the combination of gametes, one from a woman and another from a man. But let’s not be too scientific! So, as I was saying, two people are involved. It starts with pregnancy, parenthood, and then abortion. Some say abortion is an escape for douchebags who leave their girlfriends in Virginia after knocking them up. But in reality, it is a choice mature people consider to take. The question is: Are you mature enough to accompany your girlfriend to an abortion clinic without being A-hole others have become?

So what role should a man play when a woman decides on having abortion? Here are the things you need to do. First of all, never encourage her to commit the procedure. That’s just too insensitive. Now, that’s what douchebags do, and you aren’t! Like what I always say, think like matured adults. Balance out the situation. Study the pros and cons. Communication is one great factor to make the process easier to handle. Make sure that when you consign to the services offered by an abortion clinic, you understand each other.

Now that you have decided to abort the fetus, what’s the next thing to do? Women are tagged as fickle-minded according to some men. Well, uh, partly, yes. The good thing about it is that you are aware of how women change their minds. Women only need a little reassurance every now and then. Accompany her in her first visit to the abortion clinic, and all the other visits. Hold her hand and restore her confidence. Make her feel it’s only a phase in your relationship that you need to survive together. Make your presence be known and remind her that you’ll never go away.

Probably, this will be the most difficult. Be patient and always be understanding. Women who undergo abortion have a tendency to experience post-abortion trauma or depression a few weeks or months after the procedure. Study says 5% to 30% of women experience this crucial stage. When it happens to you and your partner, stand firm and be a man. It’s only temporary. Believe me when I say, one day everything will go back to normal. Anyway, when you keep yourself busy being the man your partner needs, you won’t notice the time. Counseling sessions are also offered in your chosen abortion clinic. You can gently suggest that to your partner.

So, this has become quite different from other abortion articles. Men should take on manly roles when the situation requires them to. Abortion is one of those situations. Perhaps they get a little uncomfortable inside an abortion clinic or something. But what’s a little discomfort when it can save a relationship? Running away is a sign of cowardice. Well, others must have run away in the past because they didn’t know what’s expected of them. But then again, here, I have pointed everything out. To all men reading this: I know you wouldn’t be douchebags!

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