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Baton Rouge DWI Lawyer Defends Clients Incriminated

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A Baton Rouge DWI lawyer aims for dismissal of charges for his client. They represent and defend the rights for Louisiana drivers charged with DWI/DUI, vehicular homicide, hit and run, negligent homicide and other serious crimes committed with a motor vehicle.

A criminal defense lawyer’s job is to speak for the defendant of his innocence in a convicted crime. There are many instances where a person who may not be driving due to intoxication but another intoxicated friend drives his car causing a hit and run situation. The owner though not driving is falsely accused of the crime he never committed as the vehicle that caused the accident was his. In such cases to justify his situation and clear his name the victim of circumstances has to hire a DWI lawyer to prove his point.


DWI stands for driving with intoxication which means that a person may be unstable mentally to drive carefully under the influence of alcohol or drugs or a combination of both. The blood alcohol content acceptable limit for safe driving in the state of Louisiana is 0.02% for those under 21 years and 0.08% for older population. Consulting a baton rouge dwi lawyer in times of crisis helps the convicted person and his family sort legal matters and their implications sensibly. The lawyer understands the gravity of the situation and walks the person through the case arranging documents, filing applications and filling forms, collecting evidences and arranging the presentation in court that speaks in defense of his convicted client.

Charged with the crime

The 1st and 2nd offenses may lead to diving license suspension for 6 months if refused to take the driving test, $ 1,000 fine and anywhere from 2 days to 6 months imprisonment. The 3rd offence will lead to 2 years license suspension with 1 month jail. The 3rd offense may cause 5 years in prison while 4th offense may lead to 30 years. While the 3rd offense will fine the individual for $2000 and 4th offense for $5000 the other penalties like loss of vehicle and 6 weeks in substance abuse program and 12 weeks as outpatient in the same program cannot be avoided.

The aim of DWI lawyer should be to provide best possible case defense for clients with minimum exposure. Hence their representation should be done with utmost discretion. The consequences of DWI charges in the Baton Rouge Louisiana are too serious to ignore. Hiring a skilled attorney who is respected, aggressive and experienced in handling such situations successfully can make a difference between a conviction and dismissed charges. Failing a sobriety test does not make one accept guilt of the crime. The lawyer can still aim for dismissing charges, restore driving privileges, reduce fine and translate penalty to community service instead of jail time.

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