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Public Adjusters in Florida – Valuable or Not!

by leoturpin61

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Public adjusters are legally licensed personnel who serve as an intermediate between the policy holder i.e., us and the insurance company during a claim settlement case. Most people are not aware of the actual role of these adjusters and thus suspect whether they are valuable or not. The doubt is mainly because of the unawareness regarding the need of insurance adjusters while settling the insurance claim.

Do you own a house, land or car? Then definitely you might have approached a legal advisor to get your documents done and clear your doubts on legal issues. Similarly, when you met with any kind of loss, damage or case relating any of the assets, will you dare to speak alone against court or legal people opposite to you? Here comes the need of a public adjuster Florida. The major responsibility of the insurance adjuster is to talk to the insurance company on behalf of the policy holder and settle the insurance claim at higher possible price.

On occurrence of a damage or loss, the insurance agency in which you insured the asset will send a person as their public adjuster. He will enquire on how and when it happened and finally quote a claim amount. If we fail to answer his questions properly, they will quote minimum amount. At this situation only an expert insurance adjuster Florida with enough experience and knowledge can help you by talking for you. He will submit the estimates & other relating documents and finally get things done at most reasonable price, if he is one of the best public adjusters in Florida.

Genuine identity or License of Florida insurance adjuster is of great importance. This is because; only the legal settlement documents submitted by an authorized adjuster will be valued at court during final claim settlement. The thing to be confirmed is that the adjuster should have a license issued by the state department at where he leads the case.

Now you may be thinking of the settlement fee to be paid to adjuster, right. Some public adjusters Florida bills a certain percentage of claim amount whereas some other demands a fixed rate irrespective of the case behavior. If you are going for a higher value claim, flat settlement fee is reasonable; otherwise it will be a loss for the policy holder. In order to avoid unwanted fee collection on small claim cases, a standard rate ranging from 15 to 20 percentages has been fixed by the department.

Do you still have doubts on the work of Florida insurance adjuster? Then you can either ask for their identification documents proving their work or ask the department directly to assign an adjuster whenever a case is filed.


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