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Set Your Feet Right with Ankle Physical Therapy

by advinrosa

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It is the Ankle that bears all the weight of the body and can be prone to severe injuries.Wondering what needs to be done in case of Ankle Injuries then you must read on to know more about Ankle Physical Therapy.

One of the most common kinds of injuries in humans is the Ankle Injury that can be basically strains or sprains, fractures, inflammation of the tendonitis and anything for that matter of fact. There are several reasons behind ankle injury it could be because of improper usage of footwear that could lead to overuse of muscles in the Ankle and trauma caused by accidents. Ankle Injury can happen to an athlete or to a sales person who might be standing for long hours in the job or to any normal person who might trip while walking.

Ankle Physical Therapy will help you deal with all the pain and lessen the inflammation so as to enhance the flexibility and strengthen the muscles of your ankle. Ankle Physical therapy starts with an initial evaluation of the Ankle Injury and then the Physiotherapist will review the entire medical history to check if you have priorly has diabetic or arthritis problems. In order to assess you exact Ankle Injury the Physiotherapist will ask you o walk so that he can diagnose the exact problem by examining you way of walking.

The physiotherapist will as well keep an eye on the range of movement & as well the strength of the ankle muscles along with the sensation and the blood circulation at the injured region. So as to proceed with Ankle Physical therapy the Physiotherapist has to find out any possible ligament injuries or any kind of misalignments. Effective Ankle Physical Therapy consists of different kinds of exercises which aim at enhancing the range of your ankle movements and after that slowly moving towards strengthening exercise for your muscles with the help of weights and at the end performing various exercises to enhance your body balance.

Apart from the exercise sessions therapy as well consists of various techniques such as Stimulation, Pulsed Ultrasound Therapy, Ankle Joint Mobilization, Fluid Therapy and different massages that make use of heat for healing the injury. Every physiotherapist designs the program based on the needs of the patient and for certain people the physiotherapist might as well suggest using an appliance such as the Shoe Inserts or the Braces that could help in rehabilitating the Ankle Injury. If you are a sports person then you will have to put on hold to these activities till the entire therapy program is completed. Even after the Ankle Physical Therapy sessions are completed the doctor will suggest you certain exercises which you need to do on a regular basis for few months.

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