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Cerebral palsy symptoms - An overview

by swethar

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Cerebral palsy is a common disorder which affects the motor skills of an individual. It is generally caused by the brain injury. As per medical science, this sort of disorder strikes early during the initial phase in a child’s life, especially within three to five years of age.

The problem iscerebral palsy in children comes with other set of impediments such as speech problems or other serious health complications. Till now there is no permanent cure for cerebral palsy but in some cases a child might benefit from some therapies.

Cerebral palsy can be of three types such as:

  • Spastic cerebral palsy which leads to inflexibility in the body and can also cause other complications.
  • Athetoid cerebral palsy leads to difficulties in movement
  • Ataxic cerebral palsy leads to a difficulty in perception.

Since cerebral palsy impairs the muscle control therefore simple movements become quite difficult for the patient. Several other functions such as bladder control, breathing and bowel control might also prove to be quite difficult.

Though the reason for cerebral palsy is yet to be identified but it mainly occurs due to certain problems which crop during pregnancy. Genetic disorder is also responsible for cerebral palsy. Sometimes when a mother faces some problem related to labor and delivery these kinds of problems start developing.

Cerebral palsy strikes children who weigh not more than 3.3 pounds. Low birth weight babies are particularly at risk. A baby might also develop cerebral palsy due to lead poisoning, undernourishment and meningitis and shaken baby syndrome.

It is important to identify a child with cerebral palsy symptomsquite early in life .For this child specialists and pediatricians keep a track of these children right from birth so that they can identify the symptoms.

When a baby is closely watched right from the beginning you will notice some signs such as the baby might not be excited by seeing a  toy or might not even sit up after seven months .

Although there are hardly any ways to prevent cerebral palsy in children but mothers need to be careful during their pregnancy so that they give birth to healthy babies. Mothers should have a healthy diet and should consult   a doctor frequently in case of any problems. Any form of abuse to the body should be avoided. A mother should not drink, smoke or take drugs when pregnant as it will lead to serious effects on the womb.  Make sure that you carry on with your child’s immunizations on time so that you can ward off any infections which can result in brain damage. Beware of any lead poisoning in your house so that you can keep your child safe.

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