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Relationship Between Excessive Masturbation And Erectile Dys

by paytonpolking

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It is well known that masturbation is a healthy practice and does not have any side effect at all but this fact fails in case of excessive masturbation. Excessive hand practice arises due to imbalance in hormonal level of the body and may cause one or more of the problems stated below:

a) Seminal leakage,

b) Erectile dysfunction,

c) Weak erection,

d) Night fall,

e) Bent male genital organ,

f) Testicular or groin pain,

g) Shrinkage in male genital organ,

h) Low sperm count,

i) Impotency, etc.

Due to the act of excessive masturbation, the nerves and capillaries present in the skin of male genital organ gets damaged which causes problems like erectile dysfunction, weak erection, etc.

Some good medications are available in the market which decreases the urge of excessive masturbation by acting on parasympathetic nervous system and also help in curing the side effects aroused due to it. The medicines which are most effective and easily available in market are:

1. Shilajit Capsule: It is an amazing composition of minerals and some exotic herbs which has great properties like anti-aging, increasing lovemaking power in men, increasing stamina etc. It is also called as natural aphrodisiac due to its effects. It provides some essential nutrients to the body, hence enhancing its powers. The herbal contents acts on the parasympathetic nervous system to rebalance the hormonal level. For long lasting effects, doctors advice to take its dosage regularly for three to four months.

2. NF Cure Capsule: It is a herbal capsules which is composed with the purpose of curing the sexual problems arising due to aggressiveness and excessive masturbation. It mainly acts for the curing problems like Night fall, erectile dysfunction etc. It also acts on the parasympathetic nervous system for rebalancing the hormonal level. Its herbal contents decreases aggressiveness, hence decreasing stress. It is advised to take its dosage regularly for at least three months for long lasting effects. Doctors also advice to take it with combination of Shilajit for instant effects.

3. Mast Mood Oil: It is a herbal oil which is used by massaging around the male genital organ. The herbal contents of oil act on the damaged nerves and tissues due to excessive masturbation and repair them. It also increases the blood flow in the male genital organ which helps in curing the problem of erectile dysfunction. It will help you to improve your sex performance.

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