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Drift your troubles away

by fangrace

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When living in big cities, people like to go somewhere far away from the stressful environment. While those who have a cozy life may prefer to try something adventurous. Maybe there are many ways to meet those demands. But with summer here, drifting in the water should be your best choice. From May to October, it is the best time to go floating up and down the water. It's the perfect way to forget all your troubles. So you can include places for drifting in your China vacation deals.


Tang River

Located in Huairou District, Tang River is one of the best-preserved natural sceneries. The whole journey is 15 kilometers long and the speed of the water is up to 1.39 meters per second. As you float along in the rapid current, you can enjoy different views, from the grand mountains, gorgeous forests to beautiful waterfowl. The adventurous trip is very exciting. So by the time you arrive at the destination, you will be fully relaxed and all your tension and unhappiness will disappear.


1) There are five waterfalls during the journey. So be careful and follow the guide's instructions.

2) The cost is 100 yuan per person.

Address: Tang River Town, Huairou District

Jingbei Drift

Boasting a drifting journey of 15 kilometers, this place is famous for the wonderful landscapes along its banks. Because there are many historic sites, as well as fabulous natural views, it's a popular spot during the summer.

China Travel Tips:

1) The entrance fee is 15 Yuan per person. If you want to experience the long drifting journey (15 kilometers), the cost is 150 Yuan. But if you only want to have a try, the cost is 30 Yuan for 1.5 kilometers.

Address: Liulimiao Xiang, Xionglongtanjian Scenic Spot, Huairou District


Sheshan Jinyang Drift World

As the biggest water park in China, this place covers an area of 1.8 million square meters. Inside the park, there is a 1.5 kilometer-long river for drifting and many water amusement facilities, including a waterslide and water screen movie. If you visit Shanghai for your top China tours, you should not miss it.


1) Entrance fee is 40 yuan per person. But if you come with your family, you can get a discount.

Address: N0. 100, Shenzhuan Road

Tips of drift

1) Before you begin your drift journey, take off your shoes and wear a pair of plastic slippers.

2) Bring another change of clothes with you, because after drifting, your clothing may get wet.

3) During the trip, do not bring many things with you.

4) Do remember to prepare a waterproof plastic bag for your wet clothes

The above-mentioned place for drifting can be considered for your popular China tour package.

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