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How to make items more sellable on womens consignment stores

by KellyKate

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The large number of consignment stores opening in towns and cities all over the country is a sign of how popular consignment shopping has become. Online consignment stores are angling for a piece of the action too by offering buyers and consignors an opportunity to transact from the comfort of their homes. Consignment shopping is interesting and appealing both for buyers and sellers. Buyers get to acquire nice items at bargain prices while sellers get a chance to dispose off items they don't want any more and also make some bucks after doing so. If you have stuff in your wardrobe that you don't wear any more, why not trade it for cash which you can use to buy fresh items? This is what many women are doing nowadays.


Before you put up anything for sale you must make it as attractive as possible so that a store will accept it and place it where customers are likely to see it. Consignment stores only accept items that are sellable because they obviously don't want to waste their space with things no one will buy. Customers are also choosy. They will only buy neat, presentable items that have a lot of value in them. These things should be on your mind as you prepare to offer your items to a womens consignment boutique, whether it's a store down the street or its online cousin.


Women's consignment stores will only take items with little or no defects. Not many people would want to buy consignment dresses lacking buttons or zips or dresses that are torn or faded. If in your own estimation a dress looks too old, just give it away for free or dispose of it but don't consign it as no one will buy it. A little investment of time and energy will make your dresses sell faster. Clothes that are washed, pressed and delivered in a crisp condition are more appealing to customers than clothes yanked from the back of the closet straight to the store.


Your consignment dresses will sell faster if you sell them through specialty womens consignment boutiques. Some boutiques specialize in particular clothes and only sell to specific clientele. Partnering with such boutiques is more profitable than partnering with boutiques that sell everything. This is because specialized boutiques cater to specific niches and hence your items will find a ready market. For example, if you have had your baby and you want to do away with the maternity dresses, you will find buyers more quickly if you consign them in a store that sells maternity dresses. It might take very long for the same consignment dresses to find buyers in a store that sells all sorts of clothes.


Finally, let the seasons help you to sell your clothes. People want different clothes at different times. Why would anyone buy heavy coats when spring is just coming in? If you have seasonal clothes, wait for the right season to consign them. If you however find boutiques advertising for seasonal clothes preseason, don't hesitate to hand them over as they will be the first to feature on the racks when the season kicks in.



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