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How to Avoid Varicose Veins from Getting Worse

by ambersmith

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Varicose veins are a common condition but you must ensure that you deal with them soon as they show up in your legs. Here are some ideas to prevent worsening the condition of your varicose veins:

Boost your physical activity.

Living a sedentary lifestyle will still only make your varicose veins worse. Performing some exercise routines frequently will boost blood circulation and therefore decrease the stress on your veins.

Walking is the simplest kind of physical exercise that can be done. This type of training stimulates blood circulation in your legs. Ascend the stairs instead of taking the elevator when needed. You can even do leg lifts. Lie face up. Remember to place your hands under your buttocks to prevent straining your lower back. Lift your right leg with your feet facing the ceiling. Continue in this position for some minutes or until you feel blood flow from your feet to your thigh. Bring it down and then do the same thing with your left leg. Continue doing this eight times.

Wear comfortable clothes, specifically pants, shorts and socks.

Tight pants, shorts and socks will press your legs and affect the flow of blood. In case you have to wear them, make certain that it is only for a short period of time.

Learn to sit properly.

Sit straight; never cross your legs. This enables better blood circulation.

Remember to de-stress your feet and legs.

Soon as you get home, give your feet and legs enough time to relax. Sit or lie down with your legs and feet raised for a number of minutes. Because your work necessitates that you stand up quite often, your feet and legs crave for some moments to take a rest.

Wear low-heeled shoes.

Anytime you can, keep from using high-heeled shoes because they put tension in your legs. Additionally, buy and make use of footwear that is comfortable on your feet.

Seek medical assistance.

Medical treatment is necessary in some cases. You may be effective in avoiding the worsening of the appearance of the active varicose veins, but you may fall short in avoiding the formation of new ones. Some treatment plans are vein stripping, laser surgery and sclerotherapy.

Give up smoking.

If you suffer from hypertension and you are smoking, you may have to drop this habit. This is not just for your current health problem but also for the prevention of protruding veins.

Make use of compression hose.

Try on some compression hose outside of the home without affecting your fashion sense. It now comes in different colors and styles. People will not understand that you are actually under therapy, that you are wanting to enhance blood stream in your body, specifically your legs.

To stop your varicose veins from becoming worse, it's important that you concentrate on improving blood circulation in your legs. Many of the approaches to do this are listed above. If none of these work out properly for you, you may consult a doctor who specializes in varicose veins.


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