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A Brief Look at Fixing Your Roofing in Lewisville

by lenorerushford

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Do not be fooled by minor dents on your shingle roofing system following a hail storm. A more extensive assessment could show the true, more serious damage lying beneath the surface. As with worn shingles, the primary fix for this sort of roofing in Lewisville is replacement.

There are two ways an asphalt shingle may undergo damage when hit by hailstones: contraction on the surface and stress in the lower layers. The lower asphalt layer takes the most damage from tension, ripping the lesser section of the shingle in two. This is why hail damage in asphalt shingles appears greater deep into the shingle than on the surface. Nonetheless, this outcome can be steered by numerous elements like the weather.

On the East Coast, hail commonly comes with rainfall that can make the shingles harder, yet more fragile. Consequently, you may notice fractured shingles in asphalt roof in North Carolina residences more than crooked or dinged up ones after a hailstorm. As asphalt shingles flex downward, the lower layers take the full impact of a hailstone striking on the surface.

Under the surface of the shingle, tension forces might have sliced the asphalt, as well as the matting in between the asphalt layers. This can happen when the shingle is bruised (the fracture doesn't make it all the way to the surface) or fractured (total fracture from top to bottom). Aside from granule loss owing to the hailstone effect, the damage produces an opening for moisture.

Synthetic shingles in the market have been made to resist hail damage much more owing to lightweight yet durable composite materials. Polymers are blended with the asphalt to help make the shingle more flexible, a much-needed attribute when hailstones rain down on your home. These won’t make asphalt shingle roofing in Lewisville any impenetrable to hail, but their affordable cost makes sure timely replacement when needed.

Do not forget to look deeper in your roof following a hailstorm. Check out even more associated articles on to understand more on asphalt shingles and hail damage. If you need support in evaluating roof damage, discover a roofer in your region.

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