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Not sure which path to pick? Read on for a speedy guide on the benefits of working in-house or for a PR agency.

For newcomers to public relations and those who have been working in the industry for lots of years, important query canines their career: ought to you work for an agency or go in-house? Working 'in-house' means working within a company, so all of your PR tasks are solely for them. At an agency, however, you could be working on several clients a day, giving you a better chance to broaden your portfolio.

The benefits of working in-house

Whether or not you are suited to an in-house job largely depends on your character. By and huge, your workload in-house will be smaller and more predictable. That is because you'll be working directly for the company whose PR needs you deal with. So if there is an upcoming product launch or a major event on the horizon, you'll probably know months in advance and be better able to prepare for them. In contrast, working at an agency means you are relying on your client for knowledge - more planning on their part may lead to lots of last minute requests and less time to get the job done right.

Why agency life might suit you

Moreover, in-house PR gives you the chance to concentrate on the industry that means the most to you. For example, a PR agency that specialises in live performance is likely to have you working on huge theatrical events, music festivals and stand-up tours that span the whole country, if not further afield. But if your particular passion lies in the stage, working in-house for a theater means you can concentrate on public relations for the discipline you love the most. Public Relations Agency

Despite the relative comfort of life as an in-house public relations specialist, there's a slew of benefits to working at an agency - whether it is PR in Scotland, London or all over the world. For example, an agency offers the ideal introduction to the industry if it is your first job in PR and you are still uncertain of your favoured vertical. At an agency, you'll get to work with a range of clients from a variety of industries, which ought to give you a chance to create your own passions and skills. Public Relations Toronto

Agencies also offer a more fast-paced and artistic atmosphere for PR professionals. In-house, you may be the only PR manager around but you'll be surrounded by like-minded colleagues at an agency, all of whom have an interest in the same industry developments as you. This makes an agency the ideal dynamic surroundings in which to hone your public relations skills.


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