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Zodiac Sign: Virgo Daily Horoscope

by truthstar

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People born between August 23 and September 22 have Virgo as their Zodiac sign and the lord of the Virgo is the Mercury that means the planetary ruler of this Zodiac sign is Mercury. As the sign of Virgo is symbolized by the virgin, people born with this Zodiac sign are pure from their heart. They never think bad about anyone but have a very strong ability to sense the ulterior motives of people. They are born to serve and this gives them great satisfaction. Since, they are industrious and hardworking; they get lot of praise from people around them. They always love to play a responsible role but at times, this lead to heavy stress.


People with Virgo as their Zodiac sign are considered to be intelligent but they get often confused about their daily chores. They are not extrovert in nature but good at making new contacts as they get along with the people very easily. Though Virgos are emotional but they hardly make their emotions public.


They are extremely practical in nature and have a logical mind and hence, they accept things which are real and not those, which are in the imaginary world or fantasy. Some of their strengths are loyalty, hardworking, analytical mind and kindness. The negative side or weakness of people having this Zodiac sign is that they are suspicious of everything and everyone around them. Sometimes, they irritate people while trying to do things with perfection.


Lucky for Virgo: Lucky colors for Virgo traits are Orange, Grey, Yellow, Mushroom and White. The lucky day for them is Wednesday. Some numbers which can prove lucky for them are 5, 14, 23, 32, 41and 50. 


Virgo Daily Horoscope


Career: Sincere and hard-working by nature, Virgos achieve success quite easily because work is something that they love to do. They always crave for perfection in their work and will not stop until they achieve it. Virgos are also known for having analytical mind and hence a profession in Math, Physics, Engineering, Research, Architecture, Stock, Finance and Medical. The quality of seeking perfection in everything can prove to be harmful for them in their professional life as they tend to spent extra time over a particular thing.


Friendship and relation: With great deal of patience, the Virgo people make an excellent lover. They can wait for a long time for their soul-mate and once into relation, they can cross all the boundaries to prove their love. Even, they don’t express their feeling and love in words. They will be quite demonstrative in bed room. They are loyal to their partners and love to play a wild role once in a while.


As a father, they are supposed to be quite tough. They definitely love their kids the most and will not let any communication gap develop between them but the Virgo father would keep reminding their children of their responsibility which at times sounds irritating to kids.


A Virgo mother is very loving in nature but her over-protective nature makes them appear quite hare at times.


Virgo daily horoscope suggests Virgos to not to go out for shopping today as they may get trapped into some bad marketing deals.


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