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Bizarre is Beautiful

by DilipJoshi

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Want some extra Oxygen into your body? Try training your ears and eyes to breathe too…You find this Bizarre? Well, you won’t at the end of this article.


I am Gorgeous, Extremely beautiful and Lovely…I wish it remains this way until death (and death do come, but only at infinity). Alas! I know this is not possible until it is normal…so then…?  GET BIZARRE!


a)      Want Flawless Skin?? Get the LATEST in research…Bird Poop Facial!

b)      Bad Breathe?? Try Vodka mouthwash (if not anything, it will keep you out of sense to sense your bad breathe)

c)      No Pumice stone available in your neighborhood for pedicure?? Go fishing (but get them alive)… feed them on your feet skin to get your soft feet back!

d)     Detox your blood?? Release the damn blood sucking Leeches on your body (Normally until now I cursed & wished them to be out of my life!)

e)      Want the wrinkles to arrive only after eternity?? Tame a snake that will give you venom (like how my cow gives me milk), to put on your face…and SEE THE WRINLKE VAN- HISSSS…

f)       Want another remedy for wrinkles?? Get hemorrhoid based creams…if not for the result, I’m sure all those people with real pain in the a** will bless you in abandunce!

g)      Didn’t work?? I got a few more…this will work for sure. Go to your garden, time the earthworms as to when they do ‘potty’ (and ya, don’t train them to flush, ‘cause you need that stuff). Put it on your FACE!!

h)      Didn’t yet work?? Ok, come back in…work the same exercise on your kitty now. Repeat action.n! Wait for results.


Please don’t stare at me bitterly…maybe I’ve just made these high end treatments sound obnoxious…it’s only my limitation and / or ignorance in skills in ‘knowledge of expressing’ to be blamed. Otherwise tell me…can these hotties & hunks of Hollywood be wrong in endorsing and using these magnificent explorations?


Sarcasm is evil but at times it is more effective compared to honest advise. And also, it sounds more humorous compared to normal boring counseling. Therefore, I at times like to indulge in sharing my views / opinions / findings using this phenomenon.  Any of the above crude findings can be authenticated over the internet. And ya…please note that the abovementioned stunts are performed under strict supervision of experts of the industry therefore, ABSOLUTELY refrain from trying any of these at home or without any professional assistance. In other words, please try them (EVEN under professional assistance or at the certified centers) ONLY IF YOU HAVE BRAINS EQUAL TO THAT OF THE CREATURES MENTIONED ABOVE!! Haha.


Yes! What I will honestly suggest to you is Natural, Herbal and Organic Skin and Hair Care products. These are made out of medicinal shrubs, maybe found in the wild…but definitely aren’t INSANE like the above ones.


Oh Ya…heard the latest? Fire Facial:-Your face is covered with some mask and then set on fire! Please take a ride to the parlor on a fire engine… lolll.


Dilip Joshi is the founder of He has about 5 years of experience in research and development in stevia plant and its uses in food, health and beauty. For more information visit or


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