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An added functionality of Power Transformers

by veerendrapartap

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In order to curtail the adverse effect of fluctuation voltages, power transformers are widely used in residences as well as industries to help prolong the life of the machineries or appliances, negate loss of energy and also reduce the risk of electrical hazards. A power transformer is basically a device or instrument that seeks to regulate the input voltage or power to a level considered safe for the optimal use of an electrical device or machine. For instance, during the peak hours of the day, power or voltages are lower and hence devices such as vacuum cleaners, deep freezers etc. that require a high voltage appear to malfunction. On the contrary, voltage sensitive device such as sound recorders behave abnormally when jolted with higher than required level of voltage.

One such transformer is the Automatic Voltage Regulator , which ensures a stable AC signal in regions with varying power supplies. It works by regulating the level of output current or voltage, thereby ensuring that the connected equipment received constant level of voltage. In the even that the voltage surges or drop above or beyond the range of voltage acceptable by the device, the automatic voltage controller disconnects the device from the power source until the normal range is restored. This way the efficiency of the device is maintained. The functionality of voltage controllers as well as other different types of transformers relies on the electromechanical laws of physics. They comprise of capacitors, anodes, cathodes or diodes, thermostats etc.

Apart from functioning as a convertor or transformer of voltages into different levels, a power transformer also assists in the electrical phenomena of ‘isolation’. Isolation is defined as the ability to connect one circuit to another without the use of any physical wires or connections. A transformer that specifically works as isolators without regulating the current or voltage is known as an AC Isolation Transformer. Their principle function is to propagate or transfer the AC power from one electrical device to another without the support of any physical electrical wiring between the two devices. Such transformers hinder the passage of DC current between two devices, but foster the flow of AC signals. Ac isolation transformer are utilized for powering extremely sensitive electronic devices or appliances such as computers, lab equipment etc.

Regular transformers usually have two coils and as such provide electrical isolation. Auto transformers are a type of power transformers that function with only one coil, thus being comparatively lighter and cheaper than other types of transformers. However, due to the lack of electrical isolation; the risks of mishaps are higher. Auto Transformer Manufacturer can be easily located over the internet and can be purchased directly by the manufacturer or through other third party websites dealing in power equipment.

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