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Your options for keeping your dishes clean

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Your kitchen may be the heart of all activities in your home, but it can also turn into a breeding ground for several diseases, if you do not take adequate measures and care to maintain the hygiene and safety. This is chiefly true for your sink, your cooking utensils as well as your plates and silverware. Since these are in regular use, they need to be kept squeaky clean. However, the task of maintaining the same may not be that easy. There is a lot of debate about which cleaning agent is best to use. Most people use cleaning sponges because they are easy to use and they are great as far as use of detergent goes. You can make a little bit of detergent last really long with a sponge and it removes dirt and grime very well.

Dish brushes are another popular method of cleaning your dishes. If you are planning to wash your fine dishes with brush, get those with all natural fiber. This ensures that there will be no scratch or that your dish will not be damaged in any way. You can decide to invest a little more and get one of those brushes which actually dispense soap. It is extremely convenient to use them. All you need is to fill in the soap in the handle from the back. Then you use a push button which automatically dispenses the soap as you wash. Even if you go for the regular brushes readily available in the market, the advantage is that they are easy to use and easier to clean. There is no fear of bacteria breeding on the brushes. Brushes can help you reach the remote areas that are otherwise difficult to get at. Finally, they keep your hands dry and clean. However, they may be difficult to use on certain pieces of utensils like wineglasses. In some cases, you can try using palm brushes.

Most people have at least one dish cloth in their kitchens. Even if you do not use them, there are so many varieties available in such cute designs to choose from, that you are bound to have one for sure. Cloths are gentle on your dishes and are best suited for glasses. They remove food particles, soap and dirt most effectively. Moreover, you will have to use cloths to get at the most stubborn spots. Cloths reach those areas which you cannot reach with a brush or a sponge.

Another advantage of using cloths for cleaning your dishes is that they are easy to clean as well. Of course the cleaning clothes do require certain maintenance because they absorb all the grime that you are wiping with them. So, you need to throw them into your washing machine to clean it. Be sure to run a cycle of bleach to clean the cloth thoroughly.

Ultimately, it is largely a matter of individual choice about which cleaning agent you choose for your utensils.

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