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Different Types of Sewer Inspection Equipment

by rudyswanson

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Most people balk at the concept of carrying out sewage upkeep, but it's a job that should not be taken for granted. Routine sewage upkeep is essential to try to keep the system functioning efficiently, as unattended clogs or faults may at some point lead to more horrible effects. That's why sewer pipes and drains must be checked and cleaned frequently; Below are some instances of frequently used cleaning and inspection equipment for sewer systems.

Hoses and Booms

Hydraulic booms and hoses mounted on trucks are efficient in cleansing sewers. Equipped with water tanks and vacuums, what you get is a full kit of a cleaning tool. The trucks can be available in various sizes, depending on the enormity of the task.


Frequently, cleansing sewer lines is not as simple as pulling a manhole open and thrusting hoses down. There are circumstances when excavations need to be done in order to get to the core of the sewer line trouble. For this, excavators can be utilized. These make use of water to do the excavating, to avoid puncturing pipes beneath.


If the source of the blockage is a muddy or liquid-like substance, then pumps can enter the picture. They utilize the power of a motor developing an air vacuum, which sucks all the gunk and sludge from the sewer line system into a container. Equipment as this can vacuum particles from fantastic depths. The substance can then be quickly taken care of. When it comes to water pumps, there are those that can easily wash thick debris off pipe walls.


To discover what is causing the obstruction in sewage pipes, an easy camera can be an outstanding example of sewer inspection equipment. Small cameras, with suitable lighting, mounted on the peak of a coil can send photos that can show a lot about the condition of sewer. Cameras on wheels can also do appropriate examinations underground.

These various devices have different purposes and degrees of efficiency in cleaning or fixing sewer issues. All are tailored to keeping sewer lines clean, useful, and safe for entire areas. For more info on sewer cleaning devices, visit

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