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The father of everyone in this world

by gramsmith

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Why we use written apology in applications related to our business as well as private life. Because written apology is considered in the world as a pact by the person who wants to apologies.

The apology in itself starts with Adam, the father of everyone in this world. He when ate the forbidden fruit from the tree (unknown) he was punished. And as his punishment, he was kicked out from heaven. However, he apologized so Allah gave him all the things so he could live a happy life on earth, and thus begin the generation. And in 21st century we often apologies through our mouth, through letter, emails and even short service messages.

Written apology is also considered in many countries as the legal and the legitimate method of apology. Written apology is used on the following occasions and for the following reasons:

  1. Direct offense:

It is naturally possible that a human can hurt other human’s sentiments intentionally and unintentionally. But taking care, can help in minimizing or even eliminating that mistake.

Written apology is often needed here, because that will make your hurt friend realize that you will not repeat the mistake again.

  1. Corporate offense:

In corporate offense, the written apology is different in comparison to that made to a friend.  Commercial world is different if compared with the personal world.

Commercially or corporately we do not use =some of the words that we normally use in casual manner.

Therefore, casual and corporate should be kept separately. Letter of apology in corporate world does not rely on the subjective parts. But depends more on the objective part that makes the writer stick to the point that he want to resemble.

Depending on the kind of apology that you want to make, build a map in your mind and go accordingly. Usually, those crimes that are considered more offensive demand a more detailed and intensive apology. At the same time, those offenses that are considered soft demand light apology letters.


In companies, usually depending on the worth of company letterheads or identifiable papers of company are used for scripting the written apology. As letter head of the company is a genuine paper, and has more worth than the normal paper. It is considered more authentic then a normal white paper.

But depending on the scenario, some commercial companies prefer a hand written note that can help them judge the person psychologically and mentally.

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