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What type of house is right for you?

by irmagreer

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Nowadays there are houses of all sizes available, from studios to large detached properties, from listed buildings to new builds. With the property market slow at the moment, a buyer has the upper hand but unless you are buying the home you want to own for the rest of your life, it is a good idea to look at what you need now and what you might need a few years down the line. If affordability is not too much of an issue, then it is always a good idea to buy slightly larger than you need, to allow room for extra stuff and extra people, from a flatmate to a baby.

Studio flats

Studio flats are ideal for a single person but really won't happily accommodate a second, even for short stayovers. For this reason, they are often bought as weekday homes for commuters who live with other people in another location at the weekend. A studio flat is essentially one room with bathroom - sometimes even the kitchen is part of the main room. To live happily in a studio flat you have to be tidy - telling yourself you don't mind living in chaos is not going to work. Every person living in a mess gets depressed by it eventually - a good plan for anyone looking to buy a studio flat is to look around the bedroom. If there is more than one balled up sock on the floor; don't buy a studio flat!


A flat with one or more bedroom can be suitable for almost anyone, but for many the clincher would be what floor it is on and also whether it is accessed from a balcony or walkway or from a communal hall. For some people, the need for their own front door from the 'outside' is very important and this need for added privacy is something which should not be ignored as it can make them very unhappy. If the person buying the flat is older, they should make sure that they can manage the stairs or that there is a lift. This applies to people with children or who are planning a family as well. A ground floor flat, as long as it has adequate bedrooms, suits most people and if there are communal gardens it will even suit those who hate even mowing the lawn. Many flats come managed, so there is no need to worry about maintenance of grounds or outsides, so for the elderly or the busy buyer, these are ideal. Flats with three or more bedrooms are excellent for students or other people sharing with people with whom they have no relationship, because as one leaves they can be replaced without loss of rental income.

Terraced house

Whether a new build or an older property, a terraced home is ideal for either the retired singleton or couple or a younger person or couple because the close proximity of neighbours tends to make for a close community. For the keen DIYer an older terraced property has loads of potential for development and being usually smaller they are generally in the lower price bracket, making them easier to sell, even in a slow market. A terraced home is often the 'next' house for a single man after a flat - still manageable but suitable for a partner and or children should they come along.

Detached house

The larger detached house is the typical buy for a family and was once the sort of property which would be sold by 'downsizers'. With grandparents often playing a large role in childcare these days, more people are staying in the larger family home into retirement, as they need the room. Many older people in bigger homes are making money from letting out spare rooms Monday to Friday, making the house earn its keep.


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