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Drop in petrol prices to fuel up sales of petrol powered car

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  • Petrol prices slashed by Rs 3 on May 1
  • Petrol is Rs 7.65 cheaper today than it was March 2013 (New Delhi)
  • Price difference between petrol & diesel narrowed down to under Rs 15 (New Delhi)
  • Price drop to bump up sales of petrol models

2nd May 2013: Experts at, India’s leading online marketplace for used cars and new cars are predicting a bump up in sales of petrol powered versions of car models in the months to come. The recent drop in prices of petrol by Rs 3 has further narrowed down the difference between diesel and petrol to under Rs 15, the narrowest in recent years. In New Delhi, petrol now costs Rs 63.09 per liter as against to Rs 70.74 in March 2013. On the other side, diesel in New Delhi retails at Rs 48.63 per liter with the last reduction being a mere 4 paisa in March 2013.

The closing gap between the two fuel prices will urge buyers to look at petrol options in the market. Petrol versions of popular cars already come with a hefty discount tag to clear the stock and usually, the difference in on-road costs of a petrol and diesel model varies between Rs 1 to Rs 1.25 lac. With the recent cut in petrol prices, buyers can only recover the extra money spent on a diesel model by driving for a minimum of 50,000 to 65,000 km depending on the model.

Umang Kumar, co-founder and CEO at explains, “diesel cars still require more maintenance after a few years and further, the overall NVH or noise, vibration and harshness levels of a diesel model is poorer than its petrol counterparts. This also adds to the overall driver and passenger fatigue. All these factors combined with the over Rs 7 drop in petrol prices in the last two months will surely contribute to making a petrol powered car much better to own over a prolonged period of time.”

Current petrol car owners also stand to save between Rs 600 to 800 on a monthly cycle on a typical small car that translates into huge savings over a period of one year. Manufacturers also feel that a buyer’s current outlook towards a diesel version will soon fade off and the reason why the industry is witnessing increasing number of petrol launches. The recently launched Volkswagen Polo GT TSI comes with a turbo-charged petrol engine and the soon to be launched EcoSport SUV will also sport a petrol option, rare for that segment.

Sample calculation for New Delhi for a petrol powered Hyundai i10.

                                                            Fuel economy              Running cost per km

  • March 2013 petrol price: Rs 70.74                13                     5.44
  • May 2013 petrol price: Rs 63.09                   13                     4.85
  • Saving per month for 1000km                      586
  • Saving per month for 1500km                      880


Current petrol and diesel prices


  • New Delhi   Rs 63.09 / Rs 48.63
  • Mumbai      Rs 69.73 / Rs 54.87
  • Kolkata       Rs 70.35 / Rs 52.86
  • Chennai      Rs 65.9 / Rs 51.78


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