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High Throughput Flow Cytometry Solutions by Stratedigm

by stratedigm

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The two latest introductions by Stratedigm i.e. A600 HTAS and A700 HTH are among the superior high throughput flow cytometry products available in the market. Both products possess excellent features and top quality. They consume lesser amount of sheath fluid and electricity as compared to products from other competitors. The Cell Capture software eases out your experimentation to a large extent.


Stratedigm offers two flow cytometer solutions for high throughput flow cytometry. These cytometers are highly competitive to other similar products such as BD LSR II. There are many aspects that make Stratedigm’s products more competitive, these include compactness, accuracy and cost effectiveness..


The two high throughput flow cytometry cytometers include A600 HTAS (High Throughput Auto Sampler) and A700 HTH (High Throughput Hotel). There are a number of extraordinary features included in the two products.


Some of the features of A600 HTAS include:

  • It is the most advanced high throughput plate loaders known till date. There are a wide variety of microtiter plates that can be used. It can take care of functions that a standard flow cytometer cannot.
  • It fits the tightest of budgets and can be upgraded as and when the requirement arises. Some unique features are barcode reader, temperature controller from 8 degrees to 40 degrees, digitalized system and compatibility with every other Stratedigm platforms.
  • The Cell Capture software has been installed that enables you to work smoothly. Also, you can use tubes and plates together in this flow cytometer.
  • This flow cytometry product keeps samples separate and does not allow the interference of valves and pumps in it.
  • The overinject feature allows the complete analysis of some of the rare samples that you collect for testing purposes.

Some of the features of A700 HTH include:

  • The A700 has been designed to work smoothly with the A600 HTAS. The A700 is also complemented with the Cell Capture software to make experimentation comfortable for both old and new users alike.
  • Templates have been added to give you a smooth experimentation procedure from the beginning to the end. The ‘load and go’ operation makes these procedures simpler.
  • The setting up procedure is easy and the recovery option keeps your results safe.
  • The A700 has the ability to fit 280 plates easily. The plates can be swapped and rearranged smoothly for exact results. This flow high throughput flow cytometer can be connected to other devices such as iPad, iPhone etc. for easy monitoring of data and results.
  • It is made compatible with other flow cytometers of the company to give you cost effective experimentation and results.
  • It protects your samples in case of power failure and restricts the collision of plates.

Stratedigm has added a number of other unique features to its high throughput flow cytometers – more competitive than competition BD LSR II. Call us for more details at 408-512-3901. The service request form on the contact us page can also be used to get in touch. Our corporate office is located at 19 Great Oaks Blvd, Suite 10, San Jose CA 95119.

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