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Reading Stock Charts as a Novice Trader and Investor

by coveredcall

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The stock market can be very intimidating to a newcomer or a beginner trader and investor. However, as daunting as the stock market may appear to be, it is easy to learn the essential elements associated with trading and investing by resourcing information from comprehensive stock market websites.

One of the most basic features that can help individuals learn more about top stocks, or stocks that will yield a return, are stock charts. These charts provide valuable information to investors and traders by displaying the price point of a certain stock of a set amount of time. A typical chart includes the prices displayed on the y-axis and the time scale displayed on the x-axis. Price points are then plotted according to the specific time period, which makes the charts easy to read and analyze if needed. A chart for a specific stock can reveal previous and upcoming trends that can aid an investor or trading in a decision concerning the stock. Those interested in learning about the trends of top stocks can easily use a stock chart to determine whether to invest.

There are several different types of charts utilized by the stock market. These include line charts, bar charts, candlestick charts, and point and figure charts. Each has its own benefits and represents different data that is beneficial for a beginner trader. However, it is important that any trader or investor, whether a beginner or not, carefully read the chart in order to make an informed and accurate decision.

 One stock market website that includes real-time information about top stocks is a Barchart, a credible resource for beginners and professionals alike. Barchart offers articles and advice from professional investors that can help guide individuals to the best investment opportunities and decisions. Barchart also offers free membership to those interested in receiving daily advice and other related information about the stock market.

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