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Statistics Application in the Field of Engineering

by Expertsmindedu

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Statistics is an extremely generally applied mathematical science, that includes collection, analysis and interpretation of data in which can be then used for a few additional applications. Statistics includes a lot of numbers and hypotheses which are described and explained in an elaborate manner for coming up along with results that form sense and that can be applied sensibly in various fields and different reasons.

Statistics is not precisely mathematics but can be considered a elements of it. Statistics is employed for various fields of education and work and one of them is engineering. We will thus analyze the different ways and various areas wherein statistics could be of a lot of help for engineers.

Statistical tools and models are commonly engaged for design of experiments (DOE) carried out for various engineering fields and systems. While an engineer is designing an experiment, he/she requires computing the requirements for the similar in terms of environment, chemistry and devices and in which is where statistics come into picture and describes the different things which required to be applied. It is not likely to design any experiment without statistics since statistical tools are what gives accuracy to the experiment and its conditions.

Statistics is also used for the reasons of quality and procedure control. For any engineer, quality and procedure control are very crucial and significant and therefore it is essential that they use statistics concepts in these procedures for gaining better and enhanced outcomes. Process control uses analysis and implementation of various features for carrying out processes in an accurate manner and in which is where statistics can be used.

Reliability engineering is also a main user of statistics. Reliability engineering involves everything related along with analysis of reliability of a system or a procedure. Therefore, if one required to search out the reliability of an instrument through reliability engineering, he/she requires to carry out statistical analyses to denote the usage value, scrap value, depreciation etc of the instrument so which its reliability can be determined.

Statistics is also hugely applicable for probability engineering and design. Statistics includes development and testing of hypotheses and probability also involves testing of hypotheses. Therefore, two can be merged and used smartly to determine the probability of different events and occurrences. Probability design is one of the main fields that take help of statistics for its advantages.

Therefore, we see in which statistics is not only used for representing data or used for marketing surveys, it also plays an important role in the field of engineering. There are various fields of engineering that make complete use of statistics for improving and enhancing the outcomes and also for enhancing accuracy. And therefore, as an engineer, it is necessary for you to understand and use the concepts of statistics effectively.

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