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Protecting Yourself from Liability with a Corporate Lawyer

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We can bemoan the fact all we want, but the truth is that our society has become increasingly litigious. Read any business journal, check the business section of your local paper, or conduct an online search of business news, and you will find that a majority of the articles have to deal with lawsuits being filed against companies by other companies, by employees, and by disgruntled former clients. A lawsuit can ruin the company that you have worked so hard to build, which is why it is important to protect yourself and your company by having a corporate lawyer in the Chicago area to evaluate your business for liability risks.

Obviously, you would avail yourself of the services of a corporate lawyer if you were going to sell your business or if you were seeking to acquire new business to add to your portfolio. However, your corporate lawyer can also conduct an internal review of your company and your business dealings in order to help you minimize liability risks and provide you with the legal counsel you may need to avoid such risks in the future.

For example, many businesses have left themselves open to lawsuits by failing to ensure that their employees understand all of the legal ramifications of sexual harassment. Your corporate lawyer can help you to protect your business’s interests if one of your employees should contend that another employee was engaging in sexual harassment. Your corporate lawyer will educate you on how to avoid being negligent in such situations so that the harassed employee can only have a case against the other employee and not against your company, because your company will have done whatever is legally necessary to ensure that it was not providing an environment conducive to such harassment.

Another way that your corporate lawyer can help your business to reduce its litigation risk is to review any contracts while they are still in their preliminary stages, rather than after they have been finalized. Often, what may seem like a perfectly legitimate portion of an agreement to a business owner turns out to be a hotbed of legal issues when reviewed by a corporate lawyer who has the legal expertise to notice things that the everyday business owner will not.

You have worked too hard to build your business to see it suffer because of litigation that could have been avoided if you had simply consulted with a corporate lawyer ahead of time. Protect your Chicago business and yourself by making sure that you have a corporate lawyer in Chicago evaluate all of your dealings for possible liability.

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